[Guide] Check Xiaomi Hardware Using Hidden Command


[Guide] Check Xiaomi Hardware Using Hidden Command

Check Xiaomi Hardware Using Hidden Command

Hello friends,Today, I would like to share with you how to check the performance of Xiaomi hardware through hidden  Hardware Tests . Here, I work on Mi 5, my test on Redmi 4X interface is not the same, so you use other models can refer to this article for more. So, we start:  First, features Hardware Tests are hidden features, we have two ways to access:  interface call us press  * # * # 64 663 # * # *  or go to  Settings – > Phone information, click 6 times ”  Kernel version”  For some other models, use another command if the command is not used.


Check Xiaomi Hardware 1


This is the table shown on the Redmi 4X

Check Xiaomi Hardware 2


This is the Hardware tests window on Mi 5

Check Xiaomi Hardware 3


1. Speaker PA Calibration
This line is used to adjust the speakerphone.


2. Check version info
Check machine info, IMEI number, color, rom version …


3. SIM card (SIM card)
Check sim status, if ok then it says Ready


4. Vibration (Vibration)
Short vibration and vibration testing


5. Main speaker mic feedback test ( Test the microphone speaker feedback)
You hold the phone as if you are listening to a call, say “Alo” then you will hear “Alo” from the speaker


6. Call Simulation test ( Test call simulation)
This function is like number 5 but is tested in a silent environment


7. Front speaker mic feedback test ( Test feedback after speaker microphone)
You say to the mic below, the speakerphone will emit your voice


8. Top  mic speaker feedback test ( Test the microphone on the speaker response)
As the number 7 but the mic check above


9. Proximity sensor ( Check the proximity sensor)
Use the thumb to cover / not cover the sensor on the top of the machine for inspection


10. FPC fingerprint sensor
Click on the test line in the window to test this feature


11. Buttons (Keys)
Check the feedback of the four function keys: Back, Menu, Amplify and Mute


12. Notification light (LED)
You have 8 options to check in this feature


13. Touch sensor (contact sensor)
Use your finger to scan the screen so that the line is seamless, if interrupted, the screen is dead


14. Display (Display)
Click on the screen to check the display color


15. Light sensor
It will measure the ambient light and display the value


16. Headphone detection (connect)
Connect the headset to the headphone port


17. Headphone buttons
Press 4 buttons: on / off, back / up to check the function of the headset controls


18. Headphone mic feedback test (Headphone mic feedback test)
When wearing a headset, connect the headset to the phone and talk to the mic, and you hear your voice in the earphone.


19. Headphone detection (disconnect) (Headset detection: disconnect)
When disconnecting the headset, the Headset Disconnected message will be displayed


20. WLAN address
Check your connected Wi-Fi address


21. WLAN AP Scan
Check the Wi-Fi connection of the connections that the scanner was on


22. Get Bluetooth address
Check the bluetooth address of the machine


23. Bluetooth scan
Scan the bluetooth devices around


24. Charger (connect)
Check the charging connection, the display will show the message charging via USB when charging connection


25. Charger (disconnect)  (Charger: disconnect)
Unplug the charger, the screen will display a message disconnect the USB charger


26. Rear camera
Check the main camera behind, follow the instructions (remember to turn on the flash before taking a picture), select Delete after the test is complete.


27. Front camera  (front camera)
Do the same, shoot selfie to test the camera first


28. Accelerometer
Move the machine in multiple directions to test the X, Y, Z directions. Press Calibrate to complete the test


29. Magnetic sensor
Move the machine to check, if the numbers are constantly changing then hit Pass


30. Gyroscope
Move the machine in multiple directions to test the X, Y, Z directions. Press Calibrate to complete the test
31. Pressure sensor
Check the pressure, the numbers will jump continuously


32. GPS
Remember to turn on the network and GPS to test


33. Battery indicator (battery indicator)
Show battery percentage


After you complete the test, the interface will show up from  the blue Pass  (with the test function working fine), show Failed (with broken function)


Check Xiaomi Hardware 4

 For any function is checked success, then you select Pass, which function fails then select Failed

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This is a very important feature of Xiaomi, help you quickly check the status of the machine. Hopefully through this article you will have full control of your machine.

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