Download Oppo Find X Stock Firmware Remove Screen Lock Pattern Lock


Download Oppo Find X Stock Firmware Remove Screen Lock Pattern Lock

In this post we will show you how to flash Oppo Find X CPH1871 delete screen password remove pattern lock user lock remove without any box

Download Oppo Find X Stock Firmware Remove Screen Lock Pattern Lock

How to Flash Oppo Find X

In addition to addressing software problems, flashing is also commonly used to upgrade / downgrade ROM on Oppo smartphones.


Prepare and download the first tools and ROM needed below:

Download Links:

1. OPPO Find X (CPH1871)

2. OPPO Find X (FAFM00) (Chinese Version)

Make sure the battery is in condition full charging or at least has been filled more than 50%. d

NOTES : If still possible, please backup the important data stored in the device.

Flashing Oppo Find X Steps

Extract all the files that have been downloaded above. then follow these steps:

  1. Open the MT65xx_Preloader folder, then click on InstallDriver.exe to install device drivers on your computer;

driver instal

  1. Next, open the Oppo All Tool folder then Install PDAnet.exe. If the USB Driver Found notification appears, select USB no and skip.


  1. Install too CodeMeterRuntime.exe then run. After that click Fillet, choose Import License then select the file OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRau located in the Oppo All Tool folder;

codemeter runtime

  1. After the license import process is complete, it will appear Import Update Notification Succesfully. Well, now on CodeMeter license status has been activated.

lisensi codemeter

  1. Now go to the Download Tool folder, move it ProjectConfig.ini dan DownloadTool.exe to the Firmware Oppo A83 folder already in the extract.
  2. After that, run DownloadTool.exe then open ENABLE.exe (TNT Enforcer) and then click Enable to open all flashing options.
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tnt enforcer

  1. If you select the download format option, Imei will be lost, you should choose the flashing Upgrade Download option. Click Start All to start Flashing;
  2. Next, turn off your Oppo A83 phone. Then connect the device to PC using USB cable while pressing button Up + Down Volume simultaneously;
  3. Wait for the flashing process to run, will appear red, blue, green and yellow bars that indicate the progress of the installation (process speed depends on the PC specifications used);

download tool 1

  1. If all the flash processes are already running100%, then your phone will Reboot automatically;

download tool 2

  1. The first boot usually takes a little longer;
  2. Done !!
NOTE : If the flashing process stops in the yellow bar, try reinstalling the Driver or restarting the PC restart first.

Thus OPPOX Find which I can share. If you experience any constraints during the flashing process, please post a question in the comments field provided below. May be useful!

Video Guide:

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