Vivo V7 EDL Mode PINOUT [Vivo V7 Test Points]


Vivo V7 EDL Mode PINOUT [Vivo V7 Test Points]

Like other Qualcomm processor chipset devices, the Vivo V7 also supports Emergency Download Mode or EDL Mode. This mode will be much handy when your device gets bricked and unable to unbricked using the ADB. All credits goes to Android developer member team for working on the EDL mode. Here below is the simple guide to Vivo V7 boot into EDL mode.

What is EDL Mode?

EDL stands for Emergency Download mode. This is the special mode though which users can perform various tasks like unbricking, unlock bootloader, and installation of any custom ROMs.

It’s really must to understand that EDL mode flashing is an universal method for all Vivo devices. But EDL booting process may be different for different devices. For some devices, you can use EDL boot command but problem is that now a days edl command don’t work for all latest Vivo smartphones. So test point is the easiest and perfect method to boot any Vivophone into edl mode using test terminals.

So now the point is that where is the Vivo V7 EDL mode PINOUT or EDL test points?

Remember this process is little bit technical. In our next post we will show you “how to flash firmware on Vivo V7 into edl mode?”

This post is only to find the Vivo V7 edl mode that can be use to flash fastboot rom using Mi flash tool.



  • Power off the device if possible.
  • Open back cover of dead Vivo V7. [You may do Google to tear down Vivo V7 at home]
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[Be careful at the time of removing back cover of the device and make sure you are not going to damage any hardware of the device]
  • Once you are able to remove back cover, disconnect the batter connector first. Battery not required for EDL mode.
  • Now remove the black tape to visible the edl points of Vivo V7 as shown below.

Vivo V7 EDL Mode PINOUT Vivo V7 Test Points

  • Now EDL mode or Vivo V7 edl test points are in front of you. And you can use them to install firmware on Vivo V7 without unlock bootloader.

So guys this is all about Vivo V7 emergency downloading mode or edl mode. Now you can find the Vivo V7 test points easily.

Uses Of Vivo V7 Test Points

  • Install stock ROM on Vivo V7
  • Flash Vivo V7 without unlock bootloader. Bootloader unlocking permission not required.
  • Recovery dead Vivo V7 by flashing firmware.
  • Install stock ROM easily, if the device is not able to boot into fastboot mode or device stuck on Vivo logo.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Vivo V7 firmware versions easily.
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