Oppo A83,F5, F5 Youth, A30 Format Unlock By TP Method Using MRT Key – World First


Oppo A83,F5, F5 Youth, A30 Format Unlock By TP Method Using MRT Key – World First

You can now easily Remove Oppo A83 User Lock  F5, F5 Youth, A30  Unlock By MRT Key Software, this is very good software to remove password, and Bypass FRP from your android devices, you only need to download and install this software in your computer, and after that connect device to the computer and then just Remove Password, and Bypass Google Account easily.

What Is New ?

This Models Was Not Supported After Ota Update A3x A2x With Mrt Tool We Found New Method For Unlock By Tp Short Method Tested By Team

Note : This Work With Last 2.60 Setup!

How To Do ?

Disassemble Phone Open Screw Warrnty May Be Void Open Sticker Foil Protected On Cpu And Ram Find Resistor According Photo Short It With Gnd Connect Cable And Wait Mtk Port Appear Start Operation Battery Connected Need

Note This Is Not Update This Just Shared Tricks In This Nothing World 1st And Last


Disconnect Mobile...
    Re-Put the Mobile Bettery...
    Then Connect your Phone to Computer again....
    Please Make sure Mobile better has Power...
>>> Searching Mobile Port...
    Get Mobile Port is:  COM12
>>> Device driver identification: 
    MediaTek USB Port
>>> Mobile Has Connect...
    CPU_NAME: MT6763
>>> Reading Mobile Hardware Info...Success
    HW_Inf:  8A00    SW_Inf:  CA01
>>> Initialization Mobile ...>>> Sending Auth File To Mobile...Success
>>> Downloading Boot1 To Mobile Phone...Success
    Mobile phone status swtich to :brom...Success
    Make sure Mobile status has in :brom...
    Init Mobile BOOT2 ...
    =====================Flash Type(eMMC)==============
    Flash   Size: 0x00000003A3E00000 -> 14910M
    Flash     ID: 0x150100514536334D
    Flash   Name: Samsung_Unknow
    Flash symbol: QE63MB
>>> Swich Mobile to Hight Speed Re\Wr Port...
    Get Mobile Port is:  COM13
>>> Device driver identification: 
    MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android)
>>> Reading Mobile Map Data...Success
>>>>Writeing Mobile data userdata ...
    Corresponding operation completed!!!

Download MRT Key Latest Setup

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Test Point (TP):

Opp A83 CPH1729 TP

Oppo a83 TP


Oppo A83F5 F5 Youth A30 Format Unlock

Oppo A83F5 F5 Youth A30 Format Unlock 2

For More Details See Here

Video Guide:

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