Samsung Galaxy J3 J320H Touch Screen Ways Touch Jumper Solution


Samsung Galaxy J3 J320H Touch Screen Ways Touch Jumper Solution
Samsung J320H Touch Ways Touch Not Working Problem Touch Ic Jumper Touch Screen Solution Repair n

If you are looking and having trouble finding where to put a jumper if the touchscreen pin connector is already gone or lifted due to water damaged on Samsung Galaxy J3 J320. This solution might help you to ease out your hard time finding where to solder a jumper wire on it just to fix a touchscreen not working problem.

Let’s have a look at the Samsung J320 touch screen problem and its step by step solution.


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Manual Solution

Here is the manual solution of Samsung Galaxy J3  touch screen problem:
Restart your Samsung Galaxy J3 J320 and Check.
Factory Reset your phone (Make sure to Backup your entire data)

Samsung Galaxy J3 J320H Touch Screen Ways Jumper Solution

Samsung Galaxy J3 J320H Touch Screen Ways Touch Jumper Solution

Samsung Galaxy J3 J320 Touch Screen Problem Solution Touch Ways
Unplug and plug touch screen strip and check.
Plug-in any other good Touch Screen and Check. This step is to verify whether the problem is in hardware or Samsung Galaxy J3 J320 touch screen is faulty.
If the problem is in hardware then clean touch on board connector and check.
Gently heat surrounding components of touch screen and check.
Re-solder each pin of touch connector and check.
If same problem check Touch screen track ways marked in below image

Samsung Galaxy J3 J320 Touch Screen Problem Repair Ways Solution

If any Track ways is missing make a jumper with jumper wire.
If all track ways is working fine but touch screen is not working. This is the last and finnal step is Re-hot or Replace N1000. Your problem will solved.

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All the above methods will surely solve your problem, but make sure that you check the status of your Touch Screen after every step you perform, as it might be able to solve that problem.

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