Nokia 130 RM-1017 Full LCD Ways – White Display Problem Solution


Nokia 130 RM-1017 Full LCD Ways – White Display Problem Solution

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Display problems in phones are surely considered to be one of the worst ones, and this is because a person has to do something on an immediate basis in order to overcome this problem, and the worst thing is that this is known to be one of the most expensive repairer solutions as compared to others.

Following are some of the Nokia 130 display problems:

Nokia 130 RM-1017 Display Problems:

The blank display on.
Lines on the Display screen.
Abnormal Colors on display screen.

Reasons of Problems

LCD screen of Nokia 130 RM-1017 has gone through some sort of physical damage (most of the time this is the case of Display problems in Nokia 130 RM-1017).
LCD screen of the phone or the phone itself might have encountered any kind of water damage.
The software is outdated.
Display connector might be loose, causing any of the above-mentioned problems in your phone’s screens.
LCD might be faulty itself, and you need to change that in order to overcome this issue.
On-board connector might be water damaged or faulty.

Nokia 130 RM-1017 Full LCD Ways Backlight Jumper:

1. Turn On The Phone, Ensure That The Phone Has A ValidSw If Not Flash A Valid Sw

2. Rehot Or Change His Fifth Emi Filter Or Jumper Lcd
See The Image Below:

Nokia 130 RM 1017 Full LCD Ways White Display Problem Solution

Now Check Continuity between Display connector to the resistor compounds. if any of then is track missing then make a jumper.

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If the above procedures don’t fix the problem the possible faulty is the main engine IC. Try to re-heat or rework it.
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