Nokia 220 RM-969 Memory Card Ways – MMC Problem Solution


Nokia 220 RM-969 Memory Card Ways – MMC Problem Solution
Nokia 220 MMC Ways Memory Card Problem Jumper Solution MMC Not Working Problem Repair

Samsung has brought back the option for expandable storage with their Nokia 220 RM-969 device and this is one of the reasons why many inclined to have this set. But already some users started reporting that they are facing issues with the microSD card in their Galaxy S8 Plus device. Samsung S8+ SD card problems such as unable to move apps to SD card, frequent popping up of notification, unable to delete anything from SD are common. However, this is not a very serious issue and can be fixed easily. The potential fixes for it are listed here.

A solution for Nokia 220 MMC memory card not detected a problem when being inserted to the device.
Following are the set of problems as well as solutions of Nokia 220 Memory Card problem

Nokia 220 RM-969 Memory Card Ways – MMC Problem Jumper:

Nokia 220 RM 969 Memory Card Ways MMC Problem Solution

Memory Card not found.
Access Denied
Memory Card unable to save anything

Manual Solution
Remove and reinsert memory card and check.
Go into settings and check memory card status.
Check with any other good memory card and check.
Scan memory card for viruses from your PC and check.
Verify proper action of memory card slot spring, as if it is damaged then your phone won’t read your memory card. In this case replace the entire Memory card assembly.
If everything else fails then format your memory card.

In troubleshooting memory card not detected on Nokia 220, you may first check the MMC slot for possible dirt and oxidation build up. Ensure that it is absolutely cleaned.
Check the MMC detection switch if not broken or damaged.
Check and trace the MMC supply voltage.
If all of the above has been done but still the problem still exists. proceed to rework the pearl chip.
This is the only final option for further deeper troubleshooting on Nokia 220 RM-969 Phone MMC not detected problem issues.

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