10 Xiaomi Phone Tricks Every MI Users Should Know


10 Xiaomi Phone Tricks Every MI Users Should Know

10 Xiaomi Phone Tricks

Xiaomi is one of the best selling smartphone company in many regions like China, India, and others. Thanks to their cheap price and awesome features. The company did not take too long to own the market. And in case if you too have a Xiaomi device and want to use your phone more efficiently. Then I am sure you would love to know about some of the Xiaomi phone tricks that you can use.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Here are the top 10 Xiaomi phone tricks that you might have never known about as follows :

Split Screen

With the Xiaomi phone you will get the Split screen feature. The feature was introduced in Android Nougat. And every latest Xiaomi device has it. It lets you use two apps simultaneously on the same screen.

Quickly Switch Between Apps

You can also quickly switch between apps in Xiaomi phones. Just double tap on the recent key on your phone and you will get switched to the last app.  You can also perform the feature by using Mi account unlock tool

Create Collages

If you love to edit photos, then Xiaomi’s in-built photo editing tool can be pretty useful. It works as a full fledged photo editor and lets you create collages.

Add Images To Photos Tab in Gallery

You can also add images from other albums in the photo tap. Simply navigate to the folder and from the three dot icon select show photos. And all the images in that folder will appear in the photos tab.

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Erase Background

With the image editing features of Xiaomi devices, you can also erase the background of your images.

Access Shortcuts On Lock Screen

You can also access shortcuts on your lockscreen. It offers you three lockscreen shortcuts which are the Mi Home, Mi Remote and Torch.

Move and delete multiple apps

You can move or delete multiple apps at once. Just long press on the home screen then select the apps that you would like to remove or delete.

Show Ram Status in recent apps

You can also show RAM status in recent apps. Just go into the settings and you will find the option.

Enable silent Mode

You can also enable the silent mode in a really fast way. It comes with a slider button for this. Or you can do it from the settings.

Mi Drop

With Mi Drop, you do not have to download any third party file sharing app. Instead, Mi Drop will help you with the job.

Well, that’s that from us on part of top 10 hacks/tricks in every Xiaomi phone that you guys didn’t know about, keep following the blog for more such articlss!

Final Words

Thank you for reading the article and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite part. The article has been created after looking into different views and opinions of the fans.

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