How To Boot LYF Jio F30c Into EDL 9008 Mode – Jio F30c Test Point


How To Boot LYF Jio F30c Into EDL 9008 – Jio F30c Test Point

Methods To Enter EDL Mode LYF Jio F30c EDL(9008) Mode Solution, Jio F30c Flashing
Like other Qualcomm processor chipset devices, the LYF Jio F30c also supports Emergency Download Mode or EDL Mode. This mode will be much handy when your device gets bricked and unable to unbricked using the ADB. All credits goes to Android developer member team for working on the EDL mode. Here below is the simple guide to LYF Jio F30c boot into EDL mode.

LYF Jio F30c Meizu officially locked the bootloader by reasoned to improve security system. Of course not all devices, only the latest. The impact, we can no longer flash device through fastboot. Another method to flash Jio phones is through EDL Mode. But there are still many LYF i users who do not know how to get a device into EDL Mode, the reason is enter EDL Mode is more complicated than going to Fastboot. Sometimes special tools are needed.

What is EDL 9008 Mode?

EDL stands for Emergency Download Mode. This mode is like an emergency door to transfer the android operating system (stock ROM) from computer to EMMC via processor when your device is boot loop, hard brick, or dead boot. The EDL Mode feature is available on Qualcomm Snapdragon devices.

LYF Jio F30c Test Point Ways:

How To Boot LYF Jio F30c Into EDL 9008 Jio F30c Test Point

A surface-mounted test point is basically a small wire loop designed as an attachment point for test probes on a circuit board containing surface-mount components. It is relatively small, about the same size as a standard chip capacitor package.

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The location of test points on each type of phone will vary depending on the type of PCB. On Qualcomm phones generally provided test points to force the device into emergency download mode (9008).


Paper clip, Copper wire, Tweezers

Special screwdriver for opening hp

Mi PC Suite and Mi Flashtools (skip for the existing ones)

Rom Fastboot LYF Jio F30c

USB cable LYF Jio F30c

Operator SIM card

Uses Of LYF Jio F30c Test Points

Install stock ROM on Jio F30c
Flash LYF Jio F30c without unlock bootloader. Bootloader unlocking permission not required.
Recovery dead LYF Jio F30c by flashing firmware.
Remove Xiaomi Mi A2 mi account without any tool.
Upgrade or downgrade LYF Jio F30c firmware versions easily.

How To Enter EDL Mode:

Open Back Cover LYF Jio F30c using SIM Used Operator and then use a screwdriver to open the bolt

When it is open, please remove the flexible battery label, then leave it for a few minutes and reconnect

You notice the two dots in the image below that are close together

Connect the other end of the USB cable to the computer and the other end of the USB cable to Xiaomi LYF Jio F30c

Run device manage> note the USB port, what F30c you are Qualcomm’s HS-USB Diagnostics 9008E, if yes you take Tweezers or copper wire then samsungkan to point Test Point that you have seen in the image just to change the Qualcomm HS- USB Diagnostics 9008

When it becomes a Qualcomm USB Port of HS-USB Diagnostics 9008 then you can Flashing LYF Jio F30c you as usual

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Wait for Flashingnya process is complete

Congratulations LYF Jio F30c  you have recovered from the dead

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