Jio F90M IMEI Repair – After Flash No Network IMEI Blank Solution


Jio F90M IMEI Repair – After Flash No Network IMEI Blank Solution

Jio F90M IMEI Repair – After Flash No Network IMEI Blank Solution

If you are a mobile technician and searching for the solution Jio f90m 0 IMEI after flash or no network service in Jio F90M mobile here you came at the right in this post will show you LYf Jio f90m IMEI Repair process.

There are many times when you need to change the IMEI number of your device. It might be because you want to flash a new IMEI number or restore an old one. But writing IMEI numbers in any Jio F90M device was always a hard and meticulous job. Today, in this article we will introduce you a simple tool which can help you to easily write IMEI numbers to LYF Jio F90M devices.

Download Jio F90M IMEI Repair Tool And EFS File:

Here are the Jio F90M IMEI Repair Tools And File


Jio F90M EFS File

UMT Dongle Qfire V3.9 Setup

How To Repair Jio F90M IMEI – Fix IMEI Blank Problem After Flash:

QLM IMEI REPAIR Tool is another Qualcomm IMEI tool, especially for Jio keypad Qualcomm mobiles you can use this tool to repair Jio F90m Imei.

  1. First, you all to need to write EFS with Qcfire or any other tool like miracle infinity (be carefully backup your original efs first) (Download From Above Links)
  2. After Wite Efs Just Reset Partial efs with Qcfire Same as image jio f90m efs reset
  3. Download and extract  QLM IMEI REPAIR Tool
  4. Run QLM IMEI REPAIR Tool.
  5. Connect Jio F90m mobile with pc via working USB cable [ No need to press any key]
  6.  Device Must Be in Power ON Condition
  7. Check “COM PORT” section. It will detect the available COM PORT, 
  8. Write original IMEI of your jio F90M and type them in IMEI1 & IMEI2 tab.write imei jio f90m
  9. Click on “Write IMEI” button and it will show green “DONE” message. jio f90m imei repair done
  10. remove USB Cable and reboot your phone
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So this is how you can use this simple tool to change and update IMEI numbers on your LYF Jio F90M phone. Make sure to take a backup of your original IMEI number before using this tool. If you face any problem then feel free to ask in the comments section. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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