LYF Jio F10Q Tested Flash File And Tool | Hang On Logo | Auto Restart Solution


LYF Jio F10Q Flash File Tool %E2%80%93 Flash Jio F10Q Without Box

LYF Jio F10Q Tested Flash File And Tool | Hang On Logo | Auto Restart Solution

If you are searching LYF Jio F10Q Tested and working flash file and tool your LYF Jio F10Q hang on the logo auto restart problem  If yes then you have landed on right place. Today, we are here with official software of Jio F10Q keypad mobile.

Flashing Stock rom on Jio F30C is very easy and no any professional tool require for this task. As we all know, reliance Jio F30C is a Qualcomm chipset based keypad mobile and it’s firmware come with .mbn format based files. So we can flash  Jio F10Q using any Qualcomm flash tool like QPST/QFIL, Miracle tool etc.

You can use free QFIL flash tool [QPST ] as a  Jio F10Q flashing tool. QFIL [ Qualcomm Flash Image Loader] tool is one of the best firmware flashing tool for all Qualcomm devices.

From below download, all LYF Jio F10Q flash file, tool, drivers and then follow the below steps as it is. Flashing firmware will remove or fix all software related issues on Jio F30C mobile.

Download LYF Jio F10Q Flash File, Tool & Drivers

LYF Jio F10Q Flash File Download Free – DOWNLOAD


LYF Jio F10Q Flash tool [QPST Tool] – DOWNLOAD

Requirements To Install LYF Jio F10Q Flash FIle [Stock Firmware]

  • Charge the device approx. 80% to prevent accidental power off in between flashing process.
  • Download LYF Jio F10Q flash file and save it on pc.
  • Download LYF Jio F10Q flash tool and save it on pc.
  • Install or update “LYF Jio F10QUSB Drivers” if required. Otherwise, skip this step.
  • Pc/Laptop and the working USB cable is a must.
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Boot Key Of LYFJio F10Q?

LYF Jio F10Q Boot Key

In simple words, the boot key is a key which accesses a device driver to install firmware on the mobile phone.

The boot key of LYF Jio F10Q is the UP button.

the step of pressing boot key

  1. turn off your mobile and remove the battery and reinsert.
  2. press and hold the select button and insert the USB cable thought mobile to pc.
  3. The flashing process begins then release the select button.

How to Flash LYF Jio F10Q:

1- Download LYF F10Q Flash file which consists of File, tool & Driver.
2- Install Driver
3- Connect Phone in ON mode to cross-check driver installation. It will make port named “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9008”
4- It means driver has been installed successfully.
5- Install Flash Tool, which will install the shortcut on Desktop named QFLASH Tool.
6- Connect phone (Press Up key)& Click on Load Content and from Flash File Folder select Content.xml
7- It will show Port in the tool.
8- Click on Download Content to start Upgrading.
9- Wait till done appears.
10- After upgradation, the device will shift to download mode.
11- Disconnect Phone & reinsert the battery.

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