Redmi Y1 Charging Problem Solution Charging Ways


Here is the solution for Redmi Y1 Not Charging problem like there is No Charging indication shows on the display when the battery charger is being a plug-in.

This problem is may cause by faulty components Redmi Y1 PCB board. This problem may sometimes happen if the device suffered wet or water damaged or just exist

For those that own a Redmi Y1, you may be having a problem that the Redmi Y1 not charging correctly. Redmi Y1 owners thought that the USB cable was an issue for the Redmi Y1 not charging. So they went out and purchased a new charger, instead, some quick methods that we’re about to suggest can generally fix the problem when the Redmi Note 5A Prime not charging when plugged in.

Due to charging the charging problem in Mi Redmi Y1, the pin can be due to broken damage and water damage. The case of the charging problem cannot save electricity in the mobile battery and it shows fake charging. In the simulated charging situation, you see only the mobile charging sign, but no power will be saved in it.

How To Repair Redmi Y1 Charging Problem:

After the mobile phone disassembles, you will need to take some steps shown in the diagram above. Chalk Charging jack and its points do they have good value if yes, then change the changer and check it and if the motherboard does not see the accurate value with the charging points, then after the dissatisfaction of the mobile phone you get something shown in the above diagram You have to take steps. Check Charging jack and its points are good values ​​if yes, then change the changer and check it and if the motherboard does not see the accurate value with charging points, then you will see all the parts and tracks given in the diagram of Mi Redmi Y1 Are to investigate.

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Redmi Y1 Charging Ways Charging Problem Solution:

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Below are the most common causes of why you Redmi Y1 have trouble charging, and other problems concerning the battery like the grey battery issue:

  • Sunken sockets on the device, or bent/ broken connector
  • Factory-defective phone
  • Defective battery
  • Damaged charging unit or cable
  • Defective phone
  • Temporary battery issue

If any corrosion or carbon and water damage or any component is damaged, then the motherboard should be replaced carefully. If a track is lost then the jumper are applied and if any part is damaged or broken, replace it with the new one.
More information about this problem and solutions for new tips and tricks are going to this page, if there are new updates, there will be updates. Below are some related posts, you can read more about mobile phones.

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