How To Play Sega CD Games On Android Device


How To Play Sega CD Games On Android Device

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Finding any vintage Sega gaming console is more than just impossible. Even if you find one it is likely damaged or broken component that has some ‘’issues’’. On the other hand, you have your smartphone. Now, is it possible to play Sega CD games on that very device? Yes it is and it is very easy. You will need a few basic things including emulator, to download Sega CD ROMs and a few minutes of your time. The guide we have here refers only to the Android operating system.

  1. Get an emulator

This is the only reason why the guide will work only with the Android operating system. An emulator is nothing more than an app that allows you to open and run other files, which are not supported by Android itself. Emulators are developed for iOS and Android smartphones, like any other app. You can find emulators for both versions of the operating system if you have a need for this.

For this purpose, we chose to use the RetroMD emulator. It supports most Sega consoles including the CD, Genesis, Mega Drive, and others. The emulator is easy to use and comes with 6 button layout that can help you feel nostalgic once again.

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  1. Get a game

All games for the emulators are available as ROMs. These are special files which are designed for emulators only and they are nothing more but a detailed copy of the original game. Once you download the game you like, place it in a folder on your memory card. Some of these files are massive so you will need an 8GB memory card or with a higher capacity if you want to store more games.

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When downloading a ROM file you will have to choose its format correctly. Different platforms use different formats which mean some of them will be incompatible with your emulator. If that happens you will need a suitable emulator, according to the ROM file you download.

  1. Load the game

Open the emulator and within its menu locate the game or ROM file you downloaded and open it. The game should start almost instantly. Once you open a game, you will see unique Sega controller on your display. Use the buttons to control the game and enjoy gaming.

Once you are done playing a game, simply exit the emulator or close it. Open another ROM file and you can play another game. This is the same process for all emulators and all the games you can find these days online. The best part is the simplicity and overall stability. Your games will work without any issues and you can play even the rarest of them all.

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The final word

It is free, simple and rewarding gaming that can be used whenever you like and wherever you want. All you need are your smartphone running Android, internet connection and this simple guide. As you would expect, there are no limits of any kind so be free to experiment and check out the most popular games of all times.

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