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Miracle Xiaomi Tool

Today we are going to talk about Miracle Xiaomi Tool which one the best Qualcomm And MTK tool. Miracle Xiaomi Tool is a small windows pc software or tool which allows users to Remove FRP Lock Mi Account or flash file on Qualcomm and MTK devices. You can’t flash any other chipset based android or keypad mobiles using Miracle Xiaomi Tool.,

Its support MTK, Qualcomm, SPD, Devices. Miracle Xiaomi Tool 1.49 is available now to download from here, it is now only available to the beta version.

Its supports almost all Xiaomi devices in ADB, EDL and Fastboot mode. If you have Miracle Box + Key or Miracle Thunder, Miracle Dongle, Then you can download and use this tool easily. or for some devices its need some credits to do your job easily. we discuss some more features of this tool on below.

Download Miracle Xiaomi Tool v1.56 (Login Edition)


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Version 1.56 (2 April 2021)
[+] No Need any Authorized Tool.
[+] No Need any Xiaomi ID.
[+] No Need any BOX/Dongle.

Miracle Xiaomi Tool v1.56 (Login Edition)

Reinvented Update By Miracle Team

. Add MTK Disable Auth Support
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (Beta)
Xiaomi Redmi 6A
Xiaomi Redmi 6
Xiaomi Mi Play
Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9
Xiaomi Redmi 9A
Xiaomi Redmi 9C

2. Add Oppo Realme New Mobile Factory Reset (Meta Mode)
3. Improve Oppo EMMC Factory Reset (Meta Mode)
4. Add Oppo Android 11 Factory Reset (Meta Mode)
5. Fix Some Bugs.

Miracle Xiaomi Tool Complete Xiaomi Features

[X] Miracle Xiaomi Tool v1.56 (Login Edition)
Note: Add 21+ No Need Authorized Model

1. Add MTK CPU MT6885/93/53/73 support
2. Add Xiaomi Redmi 9 (Prime) MTK CPU Sppport (No Need Credit)
3. Fix some bugs

[+] 21+ No Authorized Model (beta)
Xiaomi Mi 10 5G (umi)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G (cmi)
Xiaomi Mi CC9 (Pyxis)
Xiaomi Mi CC9e (laurus)
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)
Xiaomi Mi Poco X2 (phoenix)
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus (clover)
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (clover)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G (andromeda)
Xiaomi Mi A3 (bamboo)
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (grus)
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G (crux)
Xiaomi Redmi 9 (Prime)
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (equuleus)
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (sirius)
Redmi 8 (olive)
Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)
Redmi Note 8T (willow)
Redmi Note 7 (lavender)
Redmi Note 7S (lavender)
Redmi K30 (phoenix)
Redmi Note 7 (Micron)
Redmi 7A (pine)

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Download Some Flash Files LinkHow to Unlock Bootloader and How to Remove Mi Cloud Xiaomi MobilesPlease Visit Link for Bootload & Mi Account Unlock Their is no Difference Between Xiaomi Pack & Login Edition Same Function

Login Edition Vs Normal Xiaomi Pack

Xiaomi Pack need 4 Credits
Login Edition need 1 Credit but Price is Same
Login Edition Pack Little Expensive Because No Need Miracle Hardware


[2012051] MI 1S (3G)
[2012052] MI 1S Youth (3G)
[2012053] MI 1SC (3G CTC)
[2012061] MI 2 (3G)
[2012062] MI 2C (3G CTC)
[2012121] MI 2A (3G)
[2013012] MI 2S (3G)
[2013021] MI 2SC (3G CTC)
[2013028] HM 1SC (3G CTC)
[2013029] HM 1SW (Duos 3G)
[2013061] MI 3 (3G CHM)
[2013062] MI 3W (3G)
[2013063] MI 3C (Dual 3G CTC)
[2014021] HM Note 1LTEW (LTE CHU)
[2014022] HM Note 1LTETD (LTE CHM)
[2014215] MI 4C (3G)
[2014215] MI 4W (3G)
[2014216] MI 4 (LTE CHM)
[2014218] MI 4 (Dual 3G CTC)
[2014502] HM 2A (Duos Lte CHM)
[2014512] HM 2A (Duos Lte CHM)
[2014616] MI Note (Duos Lte)
[2014618] MI Note (Duos Lte CHM)
[2014619] MI Note (Dual Lte)
[2014712] Redmi Note 4G Global (Duos Lte)
[2014715] HM Note 1LTEW (Duos Lte CHU)
[2014716] MI 4 (LTE CTC)
[2014719] MI 4 (LTE CHU)
[2014811] HM 2 (Duos Lte CHU)
[2014812] HM 2 (Dual Lte CTC)
[2014813] HM 2 (Duos Lte CHM)
[2014816] HM 2A (Duos Lte CHM)
[2014817] HM 2 Global (Duos Lte SA)
[2014818] HM 2 Global (Duos Lte)
[2014910] HM Note 1S (Dual Lte CTC)
[2014911] HM Note 1S (Duos Lte CHM)
[2014912] HM Note 1S (Duos Lte CHU)
[2014915] HM Note 1S (Duos Lte CHM)
[2014916] HM Note 1S (Dual Lte CTC)
[2015015] MI 4I (Duos Lte)
[2015021] MI Note Pro (Duos Lte)
[2015022] MI Note Pro (Dual Lte)
[2015112] Redmi Note 3 (Dual Lte)
[2015116] Redmi Note 3 Global (Duos Lte)
[2015201] MI 5 (Dual Lte)
[2015211] MI Note 2 (Dual Lte)
[2015561] MI 4C (Dual Lte)
[2015628] MI 5 (Dual Lte)
[2015711] MI 5S (Dual Lte)
[2015716] MI PAD 2 (WiFi)
[2015811] Redmi 3 (Dual Lte)
[2015817] Redmi 3 (Dual Lte)
[2015911] MI 4S (Dual Lte)
[2016001] MI Max (Dual Lte)
[2016002] MI Max (Duos Lte)
[2016006] MI Max (Dual Lte)
[2016007] MI Max Prime (Dual Lte)
[2016030] Redmi 3S (Dual Lte)
[2016033] Redmi 3X (Dual Lte)
[2016036] Redmi 3X (Dual Lte)
[2016060] Redmi 4 (Dual Lte)
[2016070] MI 5S Plus (Dual Lte)
[2016080] MI MIX (Dual Lte)
[2016090] Redmi 4 (Dual Lte)
[2016100] Redmi Note 4 Global (Duos Lte)
[2016101] Redmi Note 4X (Dual Lte)
[2016102] Redmi Note 4X Global (Duos Lte)
[2016111] Redmi 4A (Dual Lte)
[2016112] Redmi 4A (Duos Lte CHM)
[2016116] Redmi 4A Global (Duos Lte)
[2016117] Redmi 4A Global (Duos Lte)
[A0101] MI PAD (WiFi)
[M1803D5XA] MI MIX 2S Global (Dual Lte)
[M1803D5XE] MI MIX 2S (Dual Lte)
[M1803D5XT] MI MIX 2S (Dual Lte)
[M1803E6C] Mi S2 (Dual Lte)
[M1803E6E] Mi S2 (Dual Lte)
[M1803E6H] Mi Y2 (Dual Lte)
[M1804D2SE] MI 6X (Dual Lte)
[M1804D2SG] MI 6X/A2 Global (Duos Lte)
[M1804D2SG] Mi A2 (Dual Lte)
[M1804D2SG] Mi A2 Lite(Dual Lte)
[M1804D2ST] MI 6X (Dual Lte)
[MAE136] Redmi 4X (Dual Lte)
[MAI132] Redmi 4X Global (Duos Lte)
[MAT136] Redmi 4X (Dual Lte)
[MCE16] MI 6 (Dual Lte)
[MCE3B] Redmi 5A (Dual Lte)
[MCE8] MI Note 3 (Dual Lte)
[MCT1] MI 6 (Dual Lte)
[MCT3B] Redmi 5A (Dual Lte)
[MCT8] MI Note 3 (Dual Lte)
[MDE1] Redmi 5 (Dual Lte)
[MDE2] MI 5X (Dual Lte)
[MDE40] MI Max 2 (Dual Lte)
[MDE5] MI MIX 2 (Dual Lte)
[MDE6] Redmi Note 5A (Dual Lte)
[MDE6S] Redmi Note 5A Prime (Dual Lte)
[MDG2] MI 5X/A1 Global (Duos Lte)
[MDT1] Redmi 5 (Dual Lte)
[MDT2] MI 5X (Dual Lte)
[MDT4] MI Max 2 (Dual Lte)
[MDT5] MI MIX 2 (Dual Lte)
[MDT6] Redmi Note 5A (Dual Lte)
[MDT6S] Redmi Note 5A Prime (Dual Lte)
[MEE7] Redmi 5 Plus (Dual Lte)
[MEE7S] Redmi Note 5 (Dual Lte)
[MEI7S] Redmi Note 5 Pro Global (Dual Lte)
[MET7] Redmi 5 Plus (Dual Lte)(NEED CREDIT)
[MET7S] Redmi Note 5 (Dual Lte)(NEED CREDIT)
[MI1] MI-ONE (3G)
[MI1C1] MI-ONE C1 (3G CTC)
[MI1-Youth] MI-ONE Youth (3G)
[MZB6083] MI Note 5 Pro (Dual Lte)
MI 8 Deppir (Dual Lte)(NEED CREDIT)
MI 8 Lite (Dual Lte)(BL)
MI 8 Pro (Dual Lte)(NEED CREDIT)
MI 9 SE(Dual Lte)(BL)
MI 9T Pro
MI A3(Dual Lte)
MI Max 3(Dual Lte)(BL)
MI Max2(Dual Lte)(BL)
Mi Note 6X (Dual Lte)(NEED CREDIT)
MI Play(Dual Lte) (NEED CREDIT)
MI Poco(Dual Lte)(BL)
MI Redi go(Dual Lte)
Redmi 6 Pro(Dual Lte)(BL)
Redmi 6A(Dual Lte) (NEED CREDIT)
Redmi 7 (Onclite)
Redmi 7(Dual Lte)(BL)
Redmi 7A(Dual Lte) (NEED CREDIT)
Redmi K20 (Raphael)
Redmi K20 Pro (Raphael)
Redmi Note 5A(BL)
Redmi Note 7 (Levander)
Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)
Redmi Note 7(Dual Lte)(BL)
Redmi S2(BL)
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