Oppo A37 Common Issues Found and the Solutions to the Issues


Oppo A37 Common Issues

Oppo A37 Common Issues Found and the Solutions to the Issues

You don’t realize how dependent you are on cell phones until they break or don’t work properly as you need it to. Now, there’s no device that is absolutely perfect… almost ALL cell phone devices have a few bugs and kinks to work out and the Oppo A37 is not one that falls short of its flaws as well.

The Oppo A37 definitely has its own set of unique flaws but none to deter you away from purchasing the phone. Luckily, the most common issues found in this particular phone are fixable and we have the solutions for these common issues. Take a look at some of the issues people face with the Oppo A37 and the easy solutions for them.

Common Issues in the Oppo A37

Signal/Network Issues

Majority of the times, if you’re having network or signal issues, it has to do with the area you’re in but with the Oppo A37, your network issues could actually be due to the phone itself. Now, if your cell phone has a poor signal due to location, your solution would be to purchase a cell phone signal booster . These booster kits work in your home, your vehicle, and in commercial buildings, plus, it works for any tablet, phone or hotspot.

When your network issue is due to factors other than the location, you can always try these quick fixes:

  • Restarting your phone
  • Taking your sim card out and then putting it back in
  • Put your phone on airplane mode temporarily (about 30 seconds to one minute) and then turn your phone completely off. Leave your phone off for a minute and then turn it back on and turn off airplane mode. Then see how your signal is.
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If none of these methods work for you, you could possibly have a defective Oppo A37.

Slow Charging Issues

Every phone goes through slow charging from time to time but the majority of the times, it’s because of the charger you’re using, so a slow charging issue would definitely be an easy fix for you. One thing that’s helpful to remember is that if you feel your phone charges slower than normal, you need to take a look at the type of charger you’re using. When having slow charging issues, one of the biggest solutions is to use the original charger.

Using the original charger is oftentimes easier said than done because life happens and we lose the original charger sometimes so we’ll opt for the generic chargers you find at gas stations or shopping stores… those chargers are called third-party chargers. They will charge your phone but be prepared for it possibly taking all day before you get a full charge.

Another thing to consider is getting to the bottom of what exactly is draining your battery life? There are certain apps that can drastically drain your battery, even when you’re not using it. So you can go to your settings and see how much certain apps are using battery life. While you’re in your settings screen, you can also put your phone in battery save mode or dim the brightness of your display. These are just temporary fixes… these won’t permanently extend your battery life overall… you’ll need to take your phone to a professional to get looked at.

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Touch Screen Response Issues

Another common issue found in the Oppo A37 is the unresponsive touch screen. This can be quite the annoyance because all smartphones are touchscreen phones and if the touch screen is unresponsive, you can’t operate the phone at all in any way. If you have a lock screen on your phone, you won’t be able to unlock your phone or do anything with it.

Some of the solutions to remedy this issue is to clean your screen… it’s amazing just how much dust and oil can affect your screen. Lifewire.com has a few tips and tricks on how to properly clean your screen without damaging your phone in the process.

If that doesn’t work, then try removing the battery and putting it back in to see if the touch screen is working. If neither of those methods work, then you probably have a faulty Oppo A37. You would need to contact your cell phone carrier to see about getting it replaced or look into a new phone.

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