Vivo V3 Max EDL Test Point – Boot Vivo V3 Max Into EDL 9008 Mode


Vivo V3 Max EDL Test Point – Boot Vivo V3 Max Into EDL 9008 Mode

If you happen to own an Android device running a Vivo V3 Max Qualcomm processor chances are that your device supports Emergency Download Mode aka EDL Mode. Vivo V3 Max EDL mode is a Qualcomm enabled feature, that is useful to unbrick device, unlock bootloader or modify protected device parameters. However, not all Qualcomm based device support it.

What Is Vivo V3 Max EDL Mode?

If you are newbie user then probably EDL mode may be new word for you. But if you are involved in rooting and flashing firmware then absolutely not. In short, EDL mode is also known as emergency mode for mobile. Technically all the Huawei devices come with EDL mode option. If you want to install or update your own Vivo Y95 phone then you have many options to flash new stock ROM on the device using Recovery Mode or using fastboot mode. Both methods have some limitations like Recovery ROM can be used only to update higher version and you can’t downgrade Huawei version.

Vivo V3 Max Test Post EDL 9008 Mode:

Find EDL MODE FOR Vivo V3 Max Vivo V3 Max EDL Test Point Boot Vivo V3 Max Into EDL 9008 Mode Power off the device if possible. Open back cover of dead Huawei Y9. [You may do Google to tear down Vivo V3 Max. [Be careful at the time of removing back cover of the device and make sure you are not going to damage any hardware of the device] Once you are able to remove back cover, disconnect the batter connector first. Battery not required for EDL mode.
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Uses Of Vivo V3 Max Test Points

  • Install stock ROM on Vivo V3 Max
  • Flash Vivo V3 Max without unlock bootloader. Bootloader unlocking permission not required.
  • Recovery dead Vivo V3 Max by flashing firmware.
  • Install stock ROM easily, if the device is not able to boot into fastboot mode or device stuck on Huawei Logo.
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