Vivo Y73 And Vivo Y71S Test Points [EDL Mode PINOUT]


Vivo Y73 And Vivo Y71S Test Points [EDL Mode PINOUT]

Vivo Y73 And Vivo Y71S Test Point For Flashing

Vivo Y73 EDL Mode Ways

How To Boot Vivo Y73 And Vivo Y71S Into EDL 9008 Mode

This article shows you the way to bring Vivo Y73 Or Vivo Y71S into Test Point mode which is formerly known as Emergency Download (EDL) mode. Despite it is an advanced method, some users still prefer to use this technique to bypass the need of officially unlocked bootloader. There might be a situation when your device got bricked or in the bootloop state, but the bootloader has not been unlocked yet. Hence, this situation will force you to deliberately use the Test Point method. It would be impossible to unlock the boot loader since the device is bricked or is bootlooped.

The Test Point method is indeed the best and most effective solution to overcome Xiaomi devices that experience Bootloop cases to Hard Brick in Locked Bootloader conditions very easily but with a very large percentage, it’s just that to be able to use this method you need to open the lid behind your Case Xiaomi Redmi Go to reach the point where this Test Point is located.

Important! – For all of you, you know at this time you can’t flash firmware on Vivo Y73  , because currently there is a lot of circulating Xiaomi Xiaomi Redmi Go with fake Bootloaders, so if your Bootloader is fake with indications.then you can’t Flash the original firmware for Vivo Y73 then your device will be permanent brick, for that you first check what Codename Bootloader Vivo Y73 is, original or fake.

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Vivo Y73 And Vivo Y71S Test Point –  Boot Into EDL 9008 Mode:

Vivo Y73 And Vivo Y71S Test Points EDL Mode PINOUT

  • Power off the device if possible.
  • Open back cover of dead Vivo Y73 And Vivo Y71S. [You may do Google to tear down Vivo Y73 at home]
[Be careful at the time of removing back cover of the device and make sure you are not going to damage any hardware of the device]
  • Once you are able to remove back cover, disconnect the battery connector first. Battery not required for EDL mode.
  • Now remove the black tape to visible the edl points of .

IMPORTANT: Most of the other Vivo phone’s edl mode points are visible but inRedmi Go it comes in hidden mode. Reasons are not disclosed by Xiaomi. But you can visible these test points by removing the black tape. After removing the black tape you can see two test points easily.

  • Now EDL mode or Y71S edl test points are in front of you. And you can use them to install firmware on Vivo Y73 And Vivo Y71S without unlocking the bootloader.
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