Xiaomi Mi 5X Touch Screen Ways Touch Not Working Problem Solution


Xiaomi Mi 5X Touch Screen Ways Touch Not Working Problem Solution

Mi 5X Touchscreen Ways Touch IC Jumper Touch Not Working Problem Jumper Ways Solution Touch Not Responding

If ever trying to fix Mi 5X Touch Screen failure issues and you’ll do replacing the touch plate module, trying to calibrate the touch screen setting but unresponsive and restoring, upgrading and flashing the device firmware but nothing happens, the problem still exists and the touch screen left unresponsive.

This sometimes happens if the device suffered due to a wet damaged, heavily dropped and any related damaged accidentally done by the user. In this case, only a hardware repair may only help solve the problem. This solution below shows the Samsung Galaxy J5 J510H PCB board components that hold and control the touch screen panel to work. 

Reasons Of Xiaomi Mi 5X Touch Not Working Problem

The phone touch screen could stop working for many reasons. Here are the most common reasons why your Xiaomi Mi 5X. don’t respond to your touch.

  • Physical damage. The touch screen is broken or damaged. High temperature, cold, moisture, magnet, static electricity can all damaged touchscreen on Android phone;
  • Malicious or performance-draining apps that crash the phone so the touch screen is unresponsive;
  • Android system crashes after a firmware update, ROM flashing, etc.
  • Wrong settings. A factory reset could restore the phone to default settings and fix the problem.

Xiaomi Mi 5X Touch Screen Ways:

Here is the Mi 5X Touch Screen Ways problem jumper solution:

Unplug and plug touch screen strip and check.

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Plug-in any other good Touch Screen and Check.

This step is to verify whether the problem is in hardware or Xiaomi Mi 5X touch screen is faulty. If the problem is in hardware then clean touch onboard connector and check.

Gently heat surrounding components of touch screen and check.

Re-solder each pin of touch connector and check. Xiaomi Mi 5X Touch Screen Ways Touch Not Working Problem Solution

Xiaomi Mi 5X Touch Screen Ways Problem Jumper

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