Samsung Galaxy J6+ J610FN Charging Paused Problem Solution


Samsung Galaxy J6+ J610FN Charging Paused Problem Solution

Samsung Galaxy J6+ SM-J610F Not Charging Solution thermistor location Charging Paused Battery Temperature Low Or High Samsung Galaxy J6+ J610F/N charging paused problem is known to be the most common one, and this is mainly because of the fact that a little bit of physical damage or water damage to the charging connector pin is enough to trouble with your phone’s charging connector. However, there could also be other reasons of this problem like a faulty charger or phone’s battery.

Maybe this could be hard to believe by Samsung Galaxy J6+ J610F  device users as Samsung smartphones usually use Li-ion batteries that only problematic at the charging when the temperature is lower than 4°C.

Usually, the faulty thermistor that reads the battery temperature is the most common issue that believed as the culprit of this problem. However, out of what is the cause of this problem, a smartphone that cannot be charged is a fatal problem that you need to fix it immediately.

The following explanations are some steps that you can use to solve charging paused problem on your device.


  • Not charging.
  • Samsung  J610FN heats up during charging.
  • No response when charger is connected.

Reasons for Problems

  • The charger might be faulty.
  • Charging connector/pin might be faulty or is dirty.
  • Charging dock strip is faulty.
  • A phone might be water damaged, hence damaging the charging dock/charging pin.
  • There are also chances that the phone’s battery might be faulty.
  • The uneven voltage at different points on the charging dock.
  • Any of the components or capacitors might be damaged or short.
  • Power IC could also be faulty, hence forbidding your Samsung Galaxy A10 A105F to get any charge.
  • Battery pins could be rusty or damaged.
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Samsung Galaxy J6+ J610FN Charging Paused Problem Hardware Solution:

The Problem is the charging pause or we called thermistor.
so you need to remove the thermistor and replace from the other board.
Just Follow the Picture below and replace capacitor TH1000, TH3000, TH3001 one by one.

Samsung Galaxy J6 J610FN Charging Paused Problem Solution

In order to overcome the water damage problem, all you have to do is to:

Clean charging dock strip and check.

If the problem persists or if the pins are damaged then you need to replace the entire charging dock strip.

Now check the voltage of 1st pin (from right) of charging connector with the help of a Multi-Meter, if there is a problem then re-solder charging pin.

Now check voltage at the capacitor, if it is zero then check whether it is short or not if it then changes the capacitor. If not then:

Check the connection between the charging pin and Capacitor, if the connection is broken re-solder it or place a jumper.

The charge is provided to the Samsung Galaxy A10 A105F board via Capacitor.

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