Oppo A73 ISP (EMMC) Pinout For EMMC Programming And Flashing


Oppo A73 ISP (EMMC) Pinout For EMMC Programming And Flashing

Hello, mobile technician If you are searching for Oppo A73 ISP Pinout then you landed at the right place. in this post, you will file Oppo A73 EMMC Pinout for remove User Lock And Pattern Lock Bypass Frp Lock and also you can use this isp pinout for flashing.

Here is the  Oppo A73 can be used to overcome some software problems on Oppo A73 phone, to direct it you can use a flasher box that has direct isp feature support and usually the flasher box can also be used for repairing emmc like Easy Jtag, Ufi, etc.

Before removing or replacing IC eMMC you should do Direct eMMC first, still, discuss a little about and pinch, it turns out the partitions don’t match. for eMMC, use KMKJS, use the new boss, don’t use the 2nd one, what is 2nd, 2nd is the second boss of the former emmc who died or asks for TP because of the UFI BOX there support TP eMMC Samsung brand we can’t mention one by one because there are many from that by the eMMC owner the TP was revived and sold at a cheap price.

There are some cases that you may need to connect eMMC IC directly to eMMC Pro which we call this operation as Chip-off! In that case, if you do “NOT” have any socket either you can connect with the break-out PCBs we provided or you can easily solder few wires to eMMC IC as it is in the Oppo A73 picture below.

Oppo A73 ISP (EMMC) Pinout

Okay, just follow this Direct eMMC Oppo A73 Pinout, please download

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Oppo A73 ISP EMMC Pinout For EMMC Programming And Flashing

So that later when you want to direct again you are not confused looking for the Direct Pin, please boss just save it on HDD boss so that at any time there are cases that can be used again, congratulations, try the boss. one, please jumper for VCC VCCQ CLK CMD D0 GND for GND or ground don’t forget the jumpers are also bosses, otherwise, the jumpers don’t connect later.

Clear User Lock, you can try using ISP method via UFI eMMC ToolBox, use “Factory Reset” under Special Task in User Partition Tab. Or using AETOOL by MRTkey (Android Emmc Tool)

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