How Many Devices Does Norton Family Cover?


How many devices does Norton family cover

How many devices does Norton family cover?

Norton family supports the Windows, iOS and Android platforms. It aids in the tracking of activity both offline and online on selected devices, it complies a comprehensive report on the web page usage engaged in by your child, it offers flexible options for blocking and filtering of web pages and content, the set up is easy and ready to install all in addition to some extra services like SMS monitoring for android users, which are available all with the payment of a token fee for a stated period of time usually, one month.

Norton family is a great parental control which works across different platforms. The number of devices which Norton family can cover is as many as you matter the differences in the ages of the children whom you want to monitor, Norton family offers you an intuitive reporting dashboard which groups your children according to their age group and allows you to conveniently set the rules and restrictions on their online activity through the use of their devices. Each of these different groups are clearly outlined on your dashboard for easier management and applications of your monitoring preferences on their devices.

Norton family can also be enabled on desktop. It is not restricted to only mobile devices. When activated on desktop, the safe search mechanism comes on automatically across the different browsers used, the search engines used, some social media sites are automatically monitored, web filters are applied across the different browsers and websites in addition to the video networks. This is a great feature of Norton family as most other parental control are focused on offering the best possible protection via mobile devices, Norton covers whether your device is mobile or not, they offer comprehensive protection which works on both.

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Norton family is easy to set up. According to the Norton family premier review, the steps are easy to follow and can be done in a few minutes. First, go to the Norton family, register for a 30 day trial where you would be prompted to set up a profile for your child. Follow the instructions as they pop up on your computer. Download the client on your computer, then link up your child with the computer. At this point, ensure that the login profile of your child differs with yours because the settings which you enable will apply to you if the profiles are not differentiated. Once this is settled, install Norton application on your child’s mobile device another plus to Norton is, the application doubles as a web browser which your child can or should use for browsing.

The scope of Norton family blocking, monitoring and filtering is wide. The application comes with over 47 filter groups which cover a large number of issues parents are concerned about. Such groups are weapons, pornography, violence, alcohol, hard drugs amongst a whole list of others. These different groups come already pre-blocked according to the age of the child. For children between the ages of 0-7, the protection level assigned to them is blockage. Certain topics cannot pass across their message for this age group to view. Due to their tender age, a strict very high restriction is applied on the kind of content they can view. References to health, sports, technology, kids entertainment etc, are amongst the kind of content which is allowed for this age group.

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The next age group is from 8-11 year olds. Here the level of protection is still high, but the allowances can be seen with the addition of a few more content which they can access. This is not to say they have unrestricted access, on the contrary, a lot of online activity is blocked. They cannot access them. At this age there is no monitoring, it is an outright blockage of access to certain information.

Moving over to the 12-14 year olds. There is a moderately high protection on their activities online. Here the system is designed to issue out a warning to you if your child tries to go into restricted online activities. There is a wider range of possible sites and access which this age group can engage in, but this is done with a moderate protection.

The final age group is 15-17 year olds. At this stage of your child’s life, what you do is monitor there online activities. Here thy are almost adults so, what they need is a guide on what is appropriate and what should be paramount in their interests. These options of either to block them out completely or warn them or monitor them, although pre-set by Norton can be overridden by you and reset according to your choices. You will be notified in real-time about the activities your child engages online via your dashboard.

The upside to the use of Norton family is that you can monitor your child’s online activity across iOS, Android or even Windows. It does not restrict you to only one or two but is available for all. The main pull towards Norton is the unlimited number of devices which you can link up to be tracked and monitored. This is in addition to other excellent features which Norton family offers. This is not to say there are no downsides to Norton family, there are. It is not compatible with Mac, its support on iOS is limited. Asides these two cons, Norton family is simply great to use.

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The ability to connect as many devices as possible with Norton Family makes this an excellent choice for parents who want to monitor their children’s activity online. No matter the number of devices each kids have, you can monitor them all by connecting it to Norton Family. Each child’s profile can be separately created on the dashboard, and they activity monitored. The wide range of features available through Norton Family further makes it a good choice. There is capacity for social media monitoring, website blockage amongst other categories which makes it a great choice.

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