Oppo A5 CPH1931 ISP (EMMC) Pinout For Offline Remove Pattern And FRP


Oppo A5 CPH1931 ISP (EMMC) Pinout For Offline Remove Pattern And FRP, MSM Tool Offline

Hey, mobile technician If you are searching for Oppo A5 ISP Pinout then you landed at the right place. in this post, you will file Oppo A5 ISP Pinout for remove User Lock And Pattern Lock Bypass Frp Lock and also you can use this isp pinout for flashing.

Oppo A5 CPH1931 Dead  Boot repair Emmc pinout: In This Tutorial Show You how to fix and boot repair EMMC and BOOT for Oppo A5, you can find a Redmi 7 test point and emmc pinout/isp for oppo mobile phone essay.Oppo A5 isp pinout Ufi with an easy jtag tool.in normal method you write repair file and worked dump and all ok but phone, not power on and not entered to download mode and after many try I find the solution for this model and i record this tutorial for Redmi 7 isp pinout all steps to fix and repair this phone and I share all files used for repair.

This post related jtag team.if you dead boot repair any brand phone you need a two dongle best in market one is easy jtag plus and another is ufi box both are best in the market. those boxes help some phone after flashing wrong firmware not show booting on-screen.this you need those boxes for boot repair. some brands not possible lock remove like a pin, pattern, password ,frp and MDM lock this really supports for remove locks.

What is eMMC?

The term eMMC is short for “embedded Multi-Media Controller” and refers to a package consisting of both flash memory and a flash memory controller integrated on the same silicon die. The eMMC solution consists of at least three components – the MMC (multimedia card) interface, the flash memory, and the flash memory controller – and is offered in an industry-standard BGA package.

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Usage of Oppo A5 CPH1931 ISP Pinout :

Read/Write EMMC via ISP.
Read/Write EMMC via direct connect (EMMC installed in socket).
One click boot repair via direct emmc connection.
Read MMC info (Many usefull info there such as read/write counter, error counter, etc)
Factory EMMC formatting.
Low EMMC formatting.
Master/Slave partition activation
EMMC smart repartition.
EMMC partition cloning.

Here is the  Oppo A5 can be used to overcome some software problems on Oppo A5 CPH1931 phone, to direct it you can use a flasher box that has direct isp feature support and usually the flasher box can also be used for repairing emmc like Easy Jtag, Ufi, etc.

Oppo A5 CPH1931 EMMC (ISP) Pinout

Okay, just follow this Direct eMMC Oppo A5 Pinout, please download

Oppo A5 CPH1931 ISP EMMC Pinout For Offline Remove Pattern And FRP

Connections Of the points on the chip, the ones of interest to us are:

DAT0 (Data transfer BiDirectional Line)
CMD (Commands transfer BiDirectionl Line )
CLK ( Clock Lane)
Vcc ( eMMC Core Power usually 2.85V )
VccQ ( eMMC IO Power usually 1.8V )
Vss (Commonly known as GND)

So that later when you want to direct again you are not confused looking for the Direct Pin, please boss just save it on HDD boss so that at any time there are cases that can be used again, congratulations, try the boss. one, please jumper for VCC VCCQ CLK CMD D0 GND for GND or ground don’t forget the jumpers are also bosses, otherwise, the jumpers don’t connect later.

Clear User Lock, you can try using the ISP method via UFI eMMC ToolBox, use “Factory Reset” under Special Task in User Partition Tab. Or using AETOOL by MRTkey (Android Emmc Tool)

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