Samsung Galaxy A30 A305F Mic Problem Ways Solution


Here is the direct jumper ways of Samsung Galaxy A30 A305F mic not working problem, we have tested 100% working Samsung SM-A305F mic problem jumper ways solution only for our best cellphone technician, we give you this solution in few working methods so follow our new A305F mic problem solution jumper ways circuit diagram our team hard-working to find problem solution of brand mobiles or another Chinese clone, make more money with us.

In Samsung Galaxy A30 A305F microphone is soldered to the motherboard. The mic is responsible for sending your voice to the person on the other end of a phone call, recording sounds while making videos or simply using voice recording apps. So if the other person can’t listen to your voice during a phone call you are going to have to change the microphone with a new one.


Microphone not working at all. The distracting sound is recorded via Mic. A distracted sound is received by the other party when talking on a call. MIC mutes randomly and at any point. MIC goes cute on call while it works well for voice recording.


If you are looking for a temporary workaround then all you have to do is to use the speakerphone, as it uses the different microphones in its operation. Hardware Solution Dry your Samsung A305F with a dry towel to eliminate any visible traces of water or moisture. Remove battery Clean all the openings (Headphone port, Charging port etc.) with the help of cotton buds in order to eliminate all possible traces of water and moisture completely.

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Samsung Galaxy A30 A305F Mic Ways Solution – Microphone Jumper:

Samsung Galaxy A30 A305F Mic Problem Ways Solution

How To Repair Samsung Galaxy A30 A305F Mic Jumper ways

Mi 5X mic not working repairing helpful ways. As the above diagram above__there are two color lines for the missing mic pins direct jumper ways repairing. The red color like is marked as the mic + pinpoint jumper and the yellow color line can help for the negative pin jumper. Do the same job is required__FOR A *mic not working issue. Here are some tested, working and solved tricks to resolve Mi 5X Missing Mic problem solution.
  1. First you need to change the mic if that is faulted. To conform the faulted mic, you can test it by recording your voice or making a direct call at another cell phone.
  2. For the missing mic pins you can apply the two same jumper from mic to other/next pinpoints.
  3. Make sure! mic hole is open and there is no any dust, rust or carbon cause. If mic hole is closed, user can face the low voice issue during your calls.

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