Download Redmi 5A QCN File – Repair IMEI & Unknown Baseband


Download Redmi 5A QCN File Repair IMEI Unknown Baseband In this post, we will share you to download Redmi 5A QCN File you can use any tool like umt dongle, miracle ox or other tool for restore Redmi 5A QCN File. Do you have to use QPST to back up QCN? In this sophisticated era, you can use another tool to do it. There are too many tools you can use to back up the EFS partition to be a QCN file. All of them work similarly, so in this post, I only introduced one software called QPST.

If you’re using a Xiaomi 5A powered by Qualcomm chipset and find the null IMEI or invalid IMEI details on your handset, QCN Tool will come in handy for you. The QCN file scans the Encrypting File System (EFS) partition which contains encrypted information like IMEI, Serial Number, etc. It also contains the device system configuration, FM Radio settings, and more. Here in this guide, we will share How to repair IMEI baseband on any Xiaomi Mi/Redmi using QCN tool.

What are QCN/EFS on Qualcomm devices

QCN and EFS files contain cellphone manufacturer utility program which is used to edit many features of a modern smartphone. These files are hidden deep inside a phone firmware and are pretty hard to access or update them. However, these files hold special information such as IMEI numbers, wifi address and Bluetooth address keys. So in case you need to restore your device from any invalid or null IMEI problems, then you need to back up these files.

To fix invalid IMEI on Redmi 5A, we are adding the working QCN file for Redmi 5A with IMEI repair tutorial. Simply follow the tutorial as it is as shown below and restore original IMEI on Redmi 5A within a few steps. No need to use any professional tool to repair IMEI in Xiaomi Mi 8 mobile. Let’s see “how to solve the invalid IMEI problem in Redmi 7Awithout box?”

Xiaomi Redmi 5A Qcn File For

1. No service problem fix.

2. Imei problem fix.

3. Network unlock problem fix.

4. After flash no service fix.

Download Redmi 5A QCN  File, and Other Files

Redmi 5A QCN File

QCN IMEI Rebuild Tool


Steps To Repair Redmi 5A IMEI Or Fix Unknown Baseband

First Download and Install Redmi 5A Flash tool

1.Connect Your Device In Edl Mode Using Test Point.

Modified Firmware  – Download

Original Firmware – Download

2. Now Run Flash Tool And Load Modified Firmware And Flash. redmi 5a flashing

3. After Success Modified Firmware Flashing  Enable Diag Port Dial *#*#13491#*#*

4.Now Run QFIL Tool And Load Qcn And Start redmi 5a qcn restore

5.After Success Qcn Writing Restart Phone And Check

You Can Use QCN Rebuilder Tool To Edit And Change Redmi 5a Original IMEI And Restore QCN File Using QFIL Tool

6. Now If You You are facing Signal And Wifi Not Working Problem Run Flash Tool And Load OG Firmware And Flash

If You are getting any issue in any step, please feel free to ask us by leaving your comment.

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