What To Know When You Are On The Journey To Become A Successful Vlogger


Journey To Become A Vlogger

The content industry has been flourishing since the advent of blogging. However, it is the addition of audio and video podcasts that have made it one of the most trending and sought after things in the virtual world. The online audience seems to have a penchant for anything video, and hence vlogging started replacing the usual blogs to make them more engaging and interesting for the audience.

Vlogging has since then become one of the most vital tools to get more online audience and engage them. So much so that most of the millennial generation prefer that over other forms of media content and more online marketers have begun to use vlogging to promote their product.

So now we have established that vlogging has grown from just another content medium. It has grown to become a means of livelihood for many. But then, how does one become a successful vlogger? We have you covered. Here are some pointers that you need to be aware of during your journey to becoming a successful vlogger.

Things To Know To Become a Successful Vlogger

As an amateur vlogger, you must have a clear plan about what your channel is going to be about and create high-quality, unique content to engage your audience every time.

1. Get yourself the Right Accessories

To become a successful vlogger, there are certain essential accessories that you must possess: A sound-proof studio, a good quality camera and a tripod that can hold your camera when you shoot your videos.

You must definitely invest a lot of your time and resources in selecting these as your camera quality, the sturdiness of tripod and sound-proofing of your studio would decide the quality of videos that you are planning to shoot.

2. Set Practical Targets and Be Consistent

You must be clear concerning what you want to achieve from your videos. Is it going to promote a brand/product? Is it for awareness? Is it for promoting your talent? Is it for reviews and critique? Are you just aiming at online visibility and subscribers?

Whatever you decide on, stick to it. Your vlogs should have set targets, and you need to review them periodically to check if you are going in the right direction.


Selecting a niche for you would be the best way to start vlogging. Your audience would know what to expect from your videos and can connect with you easily. Select a niche that you are passionate about, has less competition, and that can earn you good money.

You should also make sure that you are consistent about when you are going to upload new content. Inconsistency would risk a drop in the engagement level of your audience. Make your audience aware of your timelines or upload schedules and stick to it.

3. Ask for Feedback Regularly

A good vlogger is one who knows his audience and produces content that they would want to see. Asking your audience to like/comment on your videos would indicate their level of engagement. While you would have a clear idea about what needs to go in your video, only a few would know the negative aspects.

Knowing them would make your videos more engaging for your audience.

4. Know What is Trending

As a budding vlogger, you must be up-to-date with all that is happening around you. This would help you pick up trending topics for your next videos that can easily go viral. Trends can be anything relevant to your channel content.

Whatever you do, keep your theme and niche consistent. Your subscribers would get used to getting a particular kind of content from your channel, and deviating from it would lead to disinterest or a drop in engagement level.

5. Create an Engaging Intro/Promo

The first 10 seconds of your video matters a lot. This is when your audience would decide whether it is worth watching or not. Make sure that you make the most of it. Ensure that the first 10 seconds set the tone and clear the intent of your video. You may show a glimpse of what you intend to show in the latter part of your video.

You may even take the initial few seconds to promote your business/brand/identity. If you are not a great designer, you can use a free video maker to edit your videos. These video maker free online can help you get stunning effects on your vlogs with studio-quality results.

6. Use the Right Tone and Look at Your Audience

While it may be very tempting to look into your camera screen while recording your video, it doesn’t give the right effect. The primary intent of a good vlog is storytelling. You need to connect to your audience immediately, and the only means to do so is to look into their eyes(or, in this case, into your camera!).

Using the right tone and choice of words also matters a lot. Remember, when you are vlogging, you are actually talking to your audience. Your tone must be enthusiastic and friendly. Try to avoid technical jargon and keep your words as simple as possible. A bit of light-hearted humour and trivia here and there ups the engagement level.

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7. Engage with your Audience and Promote it on many social media platforms

It is not enough that you upload engaging video content on YouTube and forget about it. For people to be aware of it, you need to promote it. Using a quality video maker like InVideo would help you make engaging and stunning video content.

Tell your audience in advance when you intend to release the next video and regularly post updates on the same. Use all relevant social media platforms to promote your videos and get new subscribers. Only if you get more viewership, your visibility will increase, and in turn, your earnings would increase.


It takes a great deal of hard work and perseverance to manage a social media channel. So keep creating videos and consistently promote them. You would become a successful vlogger.

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