Oppo A83 Backlight Way – Display Light Problem Solution


In this post, you will find Oppo A83 Backlight Way and display light jumper solution full LCD ways display connection line paths in case you are going to troubleshoot display problem such blank display, dark screen display, white screen (with tones), No backlight LED that is resulted from due to wet damaged or accidentally dropped issues by the users.

Oppo A83 Backlight problem is a typical case; surely this will be the moment when we use a lot of activities using an Android phone device, in this opportunity MobileRdx Team try to discuss and Provide a repair solution on Android device Oppo A83 no backlight. Maybe some of you have the same obstacles and damage on Android phones Oppo A83 that have no light on the display or its LCD

Following are some of the Oppo A83 Backlight problems that you might encounter:




  • White Display
  • No Display
  • Lines on Display
  • Low Light on Display
  • No Backlight

Oppo A83 Backlight Way – Display Light Jumper Solution

Oppo A83 Backlight Way Display Light Problem Solution


To fix the dark screen Oppo A83 Backlight way display problem, you may first try to replace or install a new Display screen module, to easily confirm if the LCD’s backlight LED’s were still working or already damaged. You can also check the LED’s using the multimeter if you can manage without damaging the LCD flex connector. If the newly installed LCD still shows the same problem, and the LED light doesn’t light up, refer to the solution below and locate the highlighted components on the PCB board.

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How To Repair Oppo A83 Backlight Way Problem:

“Note: Ensure that the Oppo A83 Lcd is okay or try replacing it before proceeding.”

1. Check the LCD pin connector for possible damaged, resolder if necessary.

2. Trace each of the LED + (positive and LED – (negative connection line paths down to the resistors where it is being connected.

3. Check the connected resistor, replace if found damaged.

4. Check the pin connector assembly and ensure to clean it as well.

5. Check the display filter resistors including the LCD supply voltage and trace the connection tracks to the LCD pin connector.

Replace the damaged resistor or mind to reconnect if there is an open line path.

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Note: Every repairing solution posted here was tested by at least one member of our team. Use the information available here at Your Own Risk. We are not responsible if any harm comes to your device during the repairing process.

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