9 Key Advantages of Video Advertising Over Other Forms


Advertising Over Other Forms

Technology and screens have become inevitable today. Be it a child or the child’s grandparent, every generation enjoys the ease and variety offered by the digital world.

With the pandemic, the threat of moving out freely in the real world has reached heights, and so, online presence has become the most certain way to be visible to others and be prominent. Companies are facing huge competition in advertising as the online crowd has increased by multiple folds.

Advertisers need to realize the value of good video advertising as it is the best medium present today to differentiate oneself from the camouflaging crowd. The advantages given below will compel you to plan your next advertising video right away.

1.The dominance of the public’s interest in videos:

Any advertisement is created and distributed with a singular objective of making it visible to a larger audience and impacting the minds of the viewers, so they turn into potential customers. Statistics, today, clearly show that people are much more attracted to visual mediums and videos, especially when it comes to consuming advertisements. Make Facebook video ads that can be really helpful and eye-catching to the customer. More than 33% of the consumers make their final purchase after viewing the product’s video online.

2.The best medium to inform and educate the viewers:

People are more likely to come and stay on your page if they get to see an interesting video. This is a great opportunity for advertisers to project necessary information about their brand, products, and services in front of the viewers. Videos can keep the viewers hooked and provide the required information about all that the marketer wants to put across. Videos also have a much higher retention rate, which helps the viewers later recall what they saw.

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3. Delivers a lot more in less amount of time:

If we compare the amount of information that can be shared through a video to that of text or a picture, we see that a video is way more effective in imparting a lot of information in less time. This happens because the audio and video are playing simultaneously, making it easy for the viewers or customers to understand.

Video advertisements can even act as a complete guide on using and maintaining a product in the span of a few seconds. This boosts people’s reliability on the brand.

4. Receives more views than other mediums:

Today about 87% of all marketers have invested huge amounts in video marketing and video advertising. This is because, since the inception of digital marketing, the video marketing trend has been seeing an upward graph. 82% of Twitter users consume video content. The U.S. uploads more online content in 30 days than the combined T.V. content of 30 years. The world is liking videos, and advertisers should definitely not miss on that chance.

5. Videos are device friendly:

The number of people using and relying on technologies like smartphones and tablets has been increasing at an accelerating rate these days, and it continues to rise each day. Videos are very compatible with all sorts of devices, as viewing the video on a small screen is not an inconvenience. In contrast, long texts and messages are very often ignored because of the grain-sized texts that are not even legible on smaller devices.

6. Provides creative freedom to the marketers:

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There is no set or pre-defined rulebook to making an advertising video, unlike any other form of advertisement. While making a video, the creator has full freedom to mold the content and the way of presentation. It can have interesting concepts, tell a story, be scripted, non-scripted, and many other things.

Unlike other forms, videos are not monotonous and have a newness to them, which the viewers appreciate. These days there are many readymade ad maker tools online that can be used to create good quality videos.

7. People tend to share videos more:

A video is very engaging, as it is the multi-faceted form of media. It has audio and video, and involves many senses of a person viewing it. This makes the viewers feel connected to the video, and if they like it, they like to share it with other people that they know. They might even share it through their social media accounts. This exponentially increases the viewership of the content, benefitting the brand or the business as it gets popularity.

8. Videos prove to be the best for sale conversions:

Companies advertise to increase sales and fetch profits. According to statistics, videos made for advertising purposes prove to be very fruitful, as they attract customers. They also have the potential to form trust between the buyer and the customer.

Amazon is amongst the top online businesses today and is a market leader. It has stated that video ads, along with the product description, on their sites, increased the probability of people buying that product by 35%.

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9. Videos are very compatible with search engines:

In simple language, search engines, which are the giants of their field, consider videos to be a very crucial factor while ranking various websites present online.

Advertising through videos is definitely a great thought, but placing that video across different platforms is even better. It helps the brand become more visible to the audience. A video can be embedded on social media platforms, websites, and can even be a part of the mailer activities done by the brands. All this will help the search engine bring up a particular video when the audience searches for something similar.

Videos are one of the best, if not the best, way of advertising and marketing. The above-stated reasons are just a few of the many as to why brands should switch to video advertising, especially now more than ever.

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