Download Oppo A7 Service Manual | Schematic Diagram


Download Oppo A7 Service Manual   Schematic Diagram

Here is the latest Oppo A7 Service Manual and Schematics Diagram by Using this schematic diagram for software and hardware problems solution. also, you will find the Block Diagram format File PDF you can use this schematic for repair damage by hardware, to identify ways of a block diagram, to make jumper trick, to find the component layout, Schematic, And Block Diagram, Troubleshooting, Service Manual.

If you are looking for an Oppo A7 service manual and schematics in pdf format, just scroll down to download the Oppo A7 schematics diagram. But if you still don’t know what is the schematic diagram is you can read it below.

Schematic diagrams play an important role in the world of cellphone service because without schematic diagrams we are not perfect in making improvements. because the path of a smartphone PCB varies from one another.

What is the Oppo A7 Service Manual? 

If you are a technician, of course, you are familiar with the schematic. guide in troubleshooting smartphone repair. The biggest problem in schematic requirements is that it is difficult to get a complete schematic. Or some brands with partial schematics that do not contain complete information. Borneo schematics tries to complete your schematic needs with complete information up to the level of hardware troubleshooting

What are Hardware Solutions?

Is a collection of visual information in the form of paths, measuring points, value information for comparison, which is very useful for technicians, in their work technicians often need to reference data other than schematics such as reference values ​​from normal machines, and take measurements by frequently opening schematics and PCB layouts.

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Download Oppo A7 Service Manual | Schematic Diagram:

About Oppo A7 Service Manual – Schematics Diagram

The purpose of this document is to help OPPO levels 1 and 2 maintenance technicians to carry out service to OPPO products. This Service Manual is to be used only by authorized OPPO maintenance service centers, and the content is confidential.


1. Safety Precautions
2. Specification
3. Product Function
4. Exploded View and Parts list
5. MAIN Electrical Parts List
6. Level 1 Repair
7. Level 2 Repair
8. Level 3 Repair
9. Reference Abbreviation

Please note that OPPO provides also other guidance documents (e.g. Technical Service Bulletins) for maintenance service cooperative corporations, therefore, please follow these regularly and comply with the given instructions. While every endeavor has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document, some errors may exist. If you find any error or if you can offer further suggestions, please keep in mind also that this documentation is continuously being updated and modified, please keep watching out for the newest version.     

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