Samsung Galaxy J2 Core SM-J260 Touch Ways | Touchscreen Solution


In this tutorial, you will find the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core SM-J260 Touch Screen Problem, Touch Ways, Touch Screen Jumper here we will show you the tested and working solution of  Samsung Galaxy J2 Core SM-J260F Touch Screen Not Working Problem.

When the touch screen of your smartphone stops working, it can be a sign of a firmware issue or a hardware problem. That is the reason why you need to do some troubleshooting procedures to be able to know why it occurs. We have already encountered similar issues in the past and there were cases wherein the touchscreen stops working after the device was dropped or got wet. But there were also cases where the problem occurred without any obvious reason.

As a mobile technician, you should be the first one to know what happened to the phone prior to the problem. And if you think that it happened due to physical or liquid damage, then there’s only so much you can do about it. But if it occurred due to some firmware or app issues, then you can make your phone respond again. Continue reading as we may be able to help you fix your Samsung Galaxy A10 with its touchscreen that stopped working for some reason.

Possible Causes of Samsung Galaxy J2 Core SM-J260 Touch Screen Problem

  • Broken or damaged touch screen
  • Rust from water damage
  • Disconnection from the touch screen socket or connector
  • A damaged or broken connecting path (open circuit)
  • A faulty or missing resistor, capacitor, IC (integrated circuit) etc
  • A bad firmware or operating system software files
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Samsung Galaxy J2 Core J260 Touch Screen Problem Solution – Touch Ways:

Here is the hardware solution of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core SM-J260 touch screen ways problem:

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core SM J260 Touch Ways   Touchscreen Solution

Unplug and plug touch screen strip and check.

Plug in any other good Touch Screen and Check.

This step is to verify whether the problem is in hardware or Samsung Galaxy J2 Core SM-J260 touch screen is faulty.

If the problem is in hardware then clean the touch onboard connector and check.

Gently heat surrounding components of the touch screen and check.

Re-solder each pin of the touch connector and check.

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