Samsung Galaxy A72 Charging Ways | Repair Not Charging Problem


If you are a mobile technician and searching for the Samsung Galaxy A72 Not charging problem, Charging Ways USB Charging Solution then you landed at the right place in this post we will show you the tested ad working solution of Samsung Galaxy A72 A725F Charging problem slow charging issue battery temperature problem.

This mobile charging problem does not easily make a bad part, and though it is worse, the charging connector. So this mobile charging problem arises Then first switch the charging connector. And if the problem is not resolved even after the charging connector is changed. If you see the picture that I gave the picture, your jumper. Below I’ll tell you to step by step, how do you solve this problem.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Charging Problem Ways Solution

In the below image we draw the Samsung Galaxy A72 charging ways and its jumper check continuity using a multimeter if any track damage makes a jumper on the Samsung Galaxy A72 motherboard.

  1. First, open the mobile
  2. Then clean the section of the charging connector of the mobile motherboard
  3. Then remove the old charging connector and add a new connector
After doing this, but the mobile phone in charge once, After doing these things, if the mobile is solved then fitting the mobile, If the problem is not solved after doing these, then I have given a picture below to do the job.
Samsung Galaxy A72 Charging Ways   Repair Not Charging Problem

Here Are Some Steps to Repair Samsung Galaxy A72 Charging Problem:

1. Check The USB Charging Port

Cause no charging damage to Samsung Galaxy A72 can be caused by the destruction of the USB port corrosion.

So that the line is disconnected and the voltage can not flow and drain and saved to the battery of the phone. Change the charging USB port immediately, if it is damaged and causes no charger problems on the phone.

2. Check Components And Lines

Perform a line check on the board if there is damage or disconnected lines, apply the way jumper on the PCB board. And also do an inspection of components that can cause no charging damage to occur, make changes to the component.

On the diagram image listed above, there is a component that has a malfunction of Samsung Galaxy A72 no charging phone. Then for his best move immediately replace the defective component with a replacement component with good condition.

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But if you do not have a replacement component, then it can do away jumper only on the component that suffered the damage.
By doing some of these ways can fix Samsung Galaxy A72 not charging, make sure you do the damage inspection carefully. Use the Multimeter tool to measure conditions on each component and path on a damaged PCB board.

That’s some way to fix Samsung A72 not charging because it’s a problem of damage like this very often happens. For more information and new tips and tricks on the solution to the problem of other Android phones. Continue to visit this page. We will update it if there is a new update.

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