A Convenient Clip on Phone Case to Protect Your Device From Theft or Loss


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The pain of losing a cell phone is a special kind. Smartphones are not only unreasonably pricey, but they also hold a comprehensive record of your personal life. Photographs of your favorite places, family members, and other individuals you know. Text messages that show all the information of your conversation, your bank account, and your credit card.

With smartphone theft on the rise, all of your data will be going in the wrong hands and could jeopardize your privacy. Here’s a perfect clip on phone case to protect your device from robbers from accessing your personal information, back up and retrieve your images and movies, and, with luck, recover a lost phone.

A Must-Do Tips for Keeping Your Phone Safe From Theft

If your smartphone is gone, the damage may go far beyond the loss of the device; a thief might ruin your banking apps, documents, personal images, and videos, among other things. So here are the things to do before your smartphone get stolen. Let’s get started.

  1. Keep Your Phone Near You At All Times: It means you shouldn’t leave it on the edge of tables, in your backpack, or buried in a stack of textbooks. To make sure your phone is with you, keep it within 5–6 inches of your face and make eye contact with it every few seconds or whenever someone walks by.
  2. Do Not Leave Your Phone On Tables While Unattended: Let’s pretend you’re having ice cream with a group of buddies while conversing. You’re having a great time when you unintentionally leave your phone on the table next to your sundae. A hand emerges out of nowhere, steals your phone, and you witness the person of that hand fleeing at the speed of light. To avoid such troubles, never leave your phone alone on a restaurant table, at the table bar, or even in your car seat, where thieves are only a smashed window away.
  3. Do Not Text And Walk At The Same Time: Yes, this happens far too frequently. It’s true that no matter where you are, it’s nearly hard to ignore your phone’s notification Taking it out to check and respond to that message, on the other hand, puts you in a vulnerable position. Walking while texting not only increases your chances of hitting yourself with a light pole, but it also makes you blind to the world around you, which, unfortunately, the bad fellas are skilled at noticing.
  4. Hide Your Phone Away When You Are Not Using It: It adheres to the simple premise of not displaying your phone. You make it easy for potential thieves to steal your phone if you keep it in easily accessible places. The back pocket of your pants, the front pocket of your jacket, the outer pocket of your bag, and so on are all places where you should not put your phone.
  5. Don’t Take Your Phone Out In Areas Known For Crimes like Theft: Even if you feel compelled to respond to the text your friend sent you two seconds ago, put it in your pocket and don’t touch it until you’re somewhere safer.
  6. Use A Strong Password Protection: Password protection is the most needed line of defense. Biometric authentication allows you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint or facial recognition technology since it is now available on almost all phones. However, you’ll need a strong password because a password that’s easy to guess might unlock your phone and allow someone to bypass the biometric protections.
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What a Thief Can Do After They Stole Your Precious Smartphone

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As mobile phones become more sophisticated, popular, and expensive, it is more vulnerable to theft. Also, many criminals are more interested in gaining access to your wireless service than selling it in parts. Let’s take a look at what may happen to a stolen phone and why you should bother securing it in the first place.

  1. Withdraw Money From A Bank: In some cases, the desire to generate more money can overcome caution. If a bank app is open, the thief can withdraw cash or even take out a loan in a matter of seconds. Some banks allow customers to send money to mobile phone numbers via text message, making it easy to steal money by using the verification code to the stolen phone.
  2. Use Personal Information For Blackmail Or Simply Leak It Online: If the thief located a valuable document on your smartphone, they may demand a ransom and threaten to delete or send them to your contacts. The same is true for personal files that could jeopardize you or someone else. A thief can also scan conversations, beginning with instant messages, or try to hack your Facebook or Instagram accounts and start asking your friends and acquaintances for money.
  3. Factory-reset And Sell For Good: If a thief manages to log in to your Google or Apple ID account and change your password, you will lose the ability to open your device remotely, and the thief will be able to reset it to get a working smartphone, which they can then sell for much more than they could for parts.
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Best Thing to Do to Avoid Getting Theft in the First Place

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Phones are prime targets for thieves or opportunists who strike it lucky and discover that the owner has inadvertently left his phone. A phone’s small, portable size makes it easy to conceal, unlike larger electronics. If someone can unlock your device, they may have access to a wealth of information that they can use to exploit you before selling your phone.

So, ask yourself first, is your phone as safe and secure as it should be, especially going in a crowded place? Fortunately, a convenient leather pouch from Hengwin is right there to keep your phone safe from thieves. You don’t need to worry about getting pick-pocketed in a public place as your smartphone, and other valuable things such as credit cards, ids, and cash are fully protected inside.

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