Repair Samsung Galaxy A20 Speaker Not Working Problem, Speaker Ways


Samsung Galaxy A20 A205F Speaker Ways, Audio Or Ringer Jumper Solution

This troubleshooting article addresses some audio issues of the #Samsung Galaxy A20. Like any smartphone, the Samsung SM-A205F audio system can fail due to a lot of inside and outside factors. Today, we bring you three sound problems on this device so hopefully, our suggestions will help fix your own issues as well. Remember, audio problems may have different circumstances but solutions for all of them don’t vary much.

Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205F is one of the best smartphones by Samsung. and people really love it. It has great features but still, its users are facing some problems and issues. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to fix Samsung Galaxy A20 sound issues. If your phone has no sound or you are experiencing sound and volume issues of any kind here are some things that you can try.

To repair the Samsung Galaxy A20 speaker, you may first clean the speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board if there is a corrosion and oxidation build up., then check the speaker using a multimeter to easily determine if it’s working or not. Replace a damaged speaker is found. If the speaker confirmed okay, you may refer to the solution below and do have a check and test procedure on some components which is associated or connected with the hands-free speaker circuit.

Reasons of Samsung Galaxy A20 Speaker And Audio Problems

  • Buzzer might be faulty.
  • Low sound and distorted sound normally occur when there is dust on the buzzer mesh or when the buzzer is faulty.
  • Coils might be faulty.
  • No continuity between buzzer contacts and coils.
  • Problem with the on-board connector of the buzzer, however, this happens in a very rare case, and there is a thousand in one chance that the buzzer problem was due to a problem with the on-board connector.
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What Is A Phone Speaker Or A Speaker Buzzer?

A Speaker buzzer or what people often call speakerphone, is a useful part to make sound from the phone. When we are making a phone call, play music, watch videos, and also play a game.

It feels empty if a phone has a malfunction on the speakerphone buzzer. All the activities that we do on an Android phone it feel difficult because the sound that is generated is very low or there is absolutely nothing.

In the case of damage to the speakerphone Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205F this in leave because Samsung phone is connected to an active device speaker using a cable Jack 3.5. Most of today’s phones are not so durable when connected directly to an active device speaker using this 3.5 Jeck cable.

It does not cover the possibility of other phones can suffer the same damage. For a safe step, you can actually connect the phone with an external speaker device with Bluetooth connection only, because it is safer.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Speaker Ways Audio Problem Repair Solution:

Repair Samsung Galaxy A20 Speaker Not Working Problem Speaker Ways

  • Check the buzzer using a multimeter. Replace if already damaged. a distorted audio sounds is cause by a weak buzzer. or it is already burned out. (internal coil is damaged).
  • If the speaker is good and seems no problem, ensure that the terminal were not misaligned. Then clean the buzzer terminal contact pads for possible oxidation build ups (this might weaken the connection).
  • Check each of buzzer+ and buzzer- corresponding connection line paths across to each component where it is being connected.
  • If any of the buzzer + or – track missing then make a jumper.
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1. Check The Speaker Part Ringer

For the first step can do a check on the speaker part of the Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205F smartphone. Take measurements by using the Multimeter device on the ring speaker, when the measurement results indicate that the ring speaker is damaged. Replace with the new part immediately, this can be one of the ringing speaker triggers that do not produce sound.

2. Inspect The Component And Apply The Way Jumper

For corrective steps in this way, can be done following the diagram image listed, check all the components that are in the Ring Speaker section path, take measurements, if found defective parts immediately replace with new components Same value.
And also perform checks on the path, ring speakers, if there are found damaged and disconnected paths due to rust and water corrosion, then it can be done with the way jumper so that the ring speaker path condition is back to normal.

3. Replace Audio Ic

If after checking the speaker part of the ringer, components, and paths but the conditions are in good condition. Most likely there is damage to the audio IC, audio Ic is a chip component that generates sound ringing speaker. You can do audio IC switching on a Samsung Galaxy A20 to fix the speaker ringer’s not working malfunction.
To make a component substitution, line jumper, or audio IC switching please do so carefully.
Such information and repair solution mobile phone Samsung Galaxy A20 speaker ringer problem. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you, thanks.
If you have further questions please leave a comment.
Note: Please note that even though every solution posted on our website is tested by one or more members of our team before posting, but still we do not take any responsibility for any damage it may cause to your cell phones. Use these repairing solutions at your own risk. Thank You.
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