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Repair Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 No Light On Display Lcd

Samsung GT-S5282 Display Light Ways Lcd Light Ic Jumper Solution This solution might possibly help fix and repair Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S5282 with an LCD screen display problem. If encountered troubleshooting display problem on Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 slider like blue screen, white screen, blank or empty screen displays.You must first try to install a new replacement LCD screen module of Samsung S5282 and also try to restore or update the flash firmware. If the above procedures does not fix the display problem on…

Samsung SM-N900 Blank Or White Display Jumper Solution

Samsung Sm-N900 Display Connecter Ways White Display Problem Jumper Solution here's the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 display connection line paths is case you are going to troubleshoot display problem such blank display, dark screen display, white screen (with tones), No backlight LED that is resulted from due to wet damaged or accidentally dropped issues bu the users. Problems Blank display on SM-N900. Lines on Display screen. Abnormal Colors on Note 3 display screen. Reasons of Problems LCD screen of Samsung…

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