Nokia X3 Insert Sim Card Solution

Here’s a full solution to solved and fix Nokia X3 with Insert SIM Card Problem. This problem is causing the device not to accept or detect any kind of working SIM card module being inserted to it and it only shows on the display that No sim card inserted or insert sim card.
Nokia X3 Insert SIM Solution
Nokia X3 Sim Track Ways Jumper
Nokia X3-00 Insert Sim Solution

The solution below shows the Nokia X3 pin connector connection line paths through to a particular components that holds the SIM card to work. Just refer to the solution to trace each corresponding pin connection for a quick and easy troubleshooting or repair. 

nokia X3 insert sim solution
Nokia x3 00 insert sim card solution 300x179
Nokia X3 Insert SIM card Solution

You may first check the SIM supply voltage (VSIM) pin and ground pins, then the SIM Clock pin. The SIM Data and the SIM Reset were directly connected to the PEARL IC, tracing this line paths may need to remove the PEARL IC first.You may also try to replace the capacitors and resistors being connected to it. 
So, if the three pin such as VSIM, Ground and SIM clock line paths  were all both okay.
The last and only option is to rework the pearl IC or replace if necessary if the Nokia X3 still shows insert SIM card or does not detect the SIM card.
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