Celkon A97i Hard Reset Solution

Celkon A97i Pattern Lock
how to remove pattern lock from celkon a97i
Celkon A97i Hard Reset Solution
In Android phones you can activate a feature called pattern lock. This feature can be compared to a Windows computer asking for password after the screen saver kicked in, only instead of a password you use a pattern. You get a screen with 9 dots and you draw a pattern of your choice with 4 of them. If you forget your pattern (or have kids that likes to play with phones) you will after 3 faulty attempts be unable to use the pattern to unlock it. Instead you are asked for your Google account and password (that is setup with the phone of course). This is where the problem starts.

For many, many users providing the username and password won’t change a thing. For some people changing the password via a computer has worked but that is uncommon. Most people ends up with a very expensive paperweight. Have no fear, there are solutions to almost everything!

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Follow These Steps:
1.Hold The Volume Up Button Then Keep Pressing Power Button 
Still Show Android Logo
2.After Show Android Logo Release Two Buttons 
3.Press Home Button Menu Will Appears 
4.To Scroll Menu Use Volume Keys
5.To Select Use Options Key
6.And Then Select Clear Data
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