Samsung S5282 Ringer Speaker Problem Jumper Ways Solution

Here’s the Samsung GT-S5282solution for Ringer, Buzzer or Hands Free Speaker Failure Problem that there is no ringtone or loud speaker when activated can be heard on the device.

Samsung GT-S5282 Ringer Ways Speaker Jumper

Samsung S5282 Speaker Not Working Problem Repair Solution
To fix the speaker failure problem, you may need to check first the ringer speaker and ensure that the speaker terminal contact pads is clean or free from oxidation build up.

If the speaker is working fine and the terminal contact pads seems okay but still there is no sounds output over it. You may then proceed to check certain components on the Samsung S5282 PCB board that where the speaker is being connected. This solution below shows the components and connection line paths of the speaker which is useful in troubleshooting or repair.

Samsung S5282 Ringer, Buzzer or Hands Free Not Working Problem Solution

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Locate all the highlighted components on the solution above, this components is where the speaker is being connected. You may check all protection diode then replace if found damaged.
If all the components above seems all okay, trace each connection line paths then mend to reconnect it back if found opened or cut.
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