Blackberry 9790 Charging Problem Repairing Jumper

Blackberry 9790 Charging Ways
Blackberry 9790 Usb Not Working Problem Solution

Here’s the Blackberry 9790 Charging Problem Solution. Just refer to the solution below and then locate the highlighted components and do some check and replacement procedures.

To fix charging problem like charger no response or shows no charging indication when the battery charger is plug-in, you may first check the charging pin connector for possible damaged or use another working charger. If that does not solved the problem, check the fuse and the protection diode as shown on the solution below.

Hardware Soluion:

Blackberry 9790 Charging Solution, Jumper. Ways, Problem
blackberry 2B9790 2Bcharging 2Bways 2Bsolution

If any Charging ways is missing then make a jumper with the help of Jumper Wire.

If all Charging track ways is working means then replace Charging Connector. Your problem will solved.
Hints on how to fix Blackberry 9790 Not charging via USB charger connection:
1. Try to use another USB charger and another known good PC or laptop.
2. Visually check the USB dock connector, clean, rework or replace if damaged.
3. Check the fuse and diode for possible open and short circuit.
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