Samsung E2222 Power Button Ways Problem Repair

Samsung E2222 Power Button On Off Key Jumper, Ways, Repairing Solution

This solution shows the exact location where to apply a jumper wire as an alternative way to repair a damage ON and OFF power switch key line paths on Samsung GT-E2222. This solution will help to fix the phone that unable to power up because of a damaged and cut power way tracks.

Samsung E2222 Power Switch Hardware Solution
Here is the hardware solution for E2222 power button problem:
When it comes to hardware, the very first thing that you need to do is to re-solder power button strip and check its on-board connector for any loose contacts.
If the above method not working replace new power button strip.
Check power switch connection line paths accross to each components where it is being connected.
Samsung E2222 on/off switch Ways Problem Repair Solution
If any of the on/off switch + or – track missing then make a jumper.
Samsung E2222 Power Button Ways Jumper

The jumper spot is located near the flash cable pin out of Samsung E2222 rear PCB board. You can apply a tiny jumper wire on that location through to the bottom terminal of the ON/OFF power switch key.
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