Iphone 4 Front Camera Problem Not Working Ways Solution


Iphone 4 Front Camera Not Working Problem Ways Solution Jumpers

Before using or applying this solution ensure to restore,flash and update,
the device firmware on Iphone 4. Oftentimes camera failure is cause by an interrupted firmware, restoring or flashing it back again will fix the problem. But
if that does not solved the problem you may then proceed to hardware repair troubleshooting, especially
if the device suffered from wet damaged and accidentaly dropped by the user.
The problem may possibly lies on faulty hardware components.

This solution below shows the main camera circuit on Iphone 4 and can be used as a guide to fix and repair camera hardware failure issues.

Iphone 4 Front Camera Hardware Problem Solution
iphone4s front camera problem ways solution
Camera Repair Tips:
a) Try to replace a new camera replacement module.
b) Check and clean the camera connector.
c) Do supply voltage measurement on corresponding camera supply voltages (see solution above). You can check this voltages while trying to enable the camera in ON condition.
Iphone 4s Front Camera Ways
Iphone 4 Front Camera Jumper Solution Not Working Problem Repair Tips
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