iPhone 4 Speaker Buzzer Not Working Problem Ways Solution


iPhone 4 Speaker Solution Jumper Problem Ways Buzzer Jumper

This solution provides hints on how to fix the iPhone 4 with not working ear speaker problem. If there is no sound can be heard over the ear speaker, this solution may help on how to diagnose and repair the problem.

Refer to the solution below, and see which components needs to be check or replace if the such earpiece speaker problem occurred.

if we have a speaker problem in Iphone 4s we will not be able to hear voice of call.we can temporary solve this issu by using Loud Speaker but to fix this problem we have to do a few basic diagnostics and steps to solve Iphone 4s  Speaker Solution Jumper Problem Ways Earpeace.

iPhone 4 buzzer  speaker problem solution
iphone 4s buzzer speaker ways jumper solution

Hints in repairing iPhone 4 speaker problem:
1. Visually check the earpiece speaker for possible damaged, like misaligned terminals.
2. Clean the speaker terminal contact pads on the flex cable.
3.Check the earpiece speaker using a multimeter, replace if damaged.
4. Check the flex ribbon cable for possible damaged, try replacing it.
5. Clean the flex pin connector if oxidized.
6. Check/replace  resistors and capacitors near the pin connector.
This are the basic repair procedures only. The high level solution will be posted for update.

Iphone 4s Speaker Ways Jumper Solution Problem Buzzer Not Working Ways, Repair Jumper Solution

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