Iphone 4 Touchscreen Problem Solution Not Working


Iphone 4 touch screen touch pad problem can be cause of water damages, carbon, rust, burn, or damages of touch screen jack or glass.Look all parts in this diagram to solve Iphone 4 touch screen solution.
iphone 4 touch not working problem repsir solution
After dis assemble of Iphone 4 look at mother board and If you found some rust carbon or water damages then it can also be cause of Iphone 4 touchscreen problem to solve and fix touch screen problem in Iphone 4 clean all the rust and carbon with electronics cleaner and apply hot air to make it dry.

The solution above showed  a Touch Accelerometer chip that   used to sense orientation,  detect direction in multi-access direction of the Touch  Plate module. If the chip is damaged the touch screen will not work and remains unresponsive.

Iphone 4 Touch Problem Solution Not Working Repair Iphone 4 Touch Solution

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