Samsung E2652w Champ Duos Mic Problem Ways Solution

Samsung E2652w ​​Mic Ways Solution – On this occasion we will try to discuss the issues at Samsung GT-E2652w ​​mic, mic damage typically occurs frequently because the mic itself is damaged. Damage mic on Samsung E2652 ​​is usually caused because the mic hole closed, or simply because the mic itself is damaged. Here are the simple steps to overcome untum mic repair.
The first step try to check the mic hole on the mobile phone, the mic hole closed may result in imperfect sound captured by the microphone, so what’s wrong first checking the mic hole. If it is ascertained mic hole is not a problem, try the next step.
The second step of course you can try replacing the mic, mic damage on Samsung E2652 often because of the mic that is damaged and must be replaced, if after replacing the mic does not solve the problem, you can try the next step.
The third step checks one by one mic lines as shown below, if there is a break point try to do a careful jumper.
Hardware Solution
samsung gt e2652 mic problem ways solution jumper
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