Samsung GT-S5780 Network Signal Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung GT-S5780  Network Antena Ways Weak Or Low Signal Problem Solution

Samsung S5780 Wave 578 No Network Solution – If today many mobile phone or smartphone with a lot of excess features like front camera, motion sensors, etc., it still will not function properly if the signal ata network is not functioning properly. This time we will discuss about the problems on the network or signal the Samsung GT-S5780.

Damage to the signal occurs because the consequences are often the phone is dropped, exposed to water or pin the antenna is not connected properly. Beikut simple steps to overcome the problem of signal or network on the mobile phone Samsung S5780.

The first step that should be done is to check whether the antenna is connected properly or not, you can do the cleaning or removal of the pin in order to connect with a good antenna to antenna. If it pins the antenna is connected properly but to no avail. Try the next steps.

The second step is check the antenna lines like in the image below ii, also check through the resistor in the antenna path, if there is a path-breaking, try the jumper.

samsung gt s5780 network ways problem solution jumpers

Samsung GT-S5780  No Network Solution

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