Samsung I9103 Ear Speaker Problem Jumper Solution

Samsung GT-I9103 Ear Speaker Not Working Solution
Samsung I9103 Earpiece Spaker Jumpers Solution Problem Ways

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9103 cellphone Speaker Earpiece Not Working Problem Solution Jumpers are available in this diagram that is posted with this post.some times we face speaker problem in Samsung I9103 low voice or no voice some time ringer is working but speaker is not working while in other case speaker work but ringer is not working in all these problems you have to follow a few steps given bellow and problem will be solve easily and quickly in cellphone.

Hardware Solution:

samsung 2Bgt i9103 2Bear 2Bspeaker 2Bways 2Bjumper 2Bsolution

Open Mobile and check speaker points with a meter if they do not show continuty then speaker is dead and if they show a good value chak speaker attachement prints on board do they have value also then change speaker with new one.if speaker changing can not solve this issue check all these parts and track that used in speaker function in Samsung GT-I9103
All parts components and tracks can be found in diagram above so check these components and also clean near by area of these parts.dry it with hot air and ceck all tracks with meter if missing apply jumpers and you may can change resold or replace these parts one by one till you solve Samsung Gt-I9103  Speaker Solution Jumper Problem Ways Earpeace

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