Nokia 220 Ear Peace Speaker Problem Solution Jumper Ways


Nokia 220 Ear Speaker Jumper Ways Solution Repair
Nokia 220 S5830 Handset Not Working Problem

This solution covers hardware level of repair for Nokia 220 Earpiece speaker problem and is also Nokia 220 Ways and Bridges speaker information in the diagrams in this article.

Just see the preview of the solution below for it shows what components should be inspected and replaced if there is NO speaker or the phone ring or speaker problem or Ringer Nokia 220 goes wrong.

Nokia 220 Ear Speaker Ways Problem Solution

Nokia 220 Ear Speaker Jumper Ways Solution
This solution can help if you already made ​​a calibration method and software tried replacing the speaker or buzzer but the problem continues.

Are solutions step by step.

This solution can help a water damaged or accidentally wet phones and largely abandoned.

The problem occurs because of defective or Ringer or bad speaker is the connection with mobile phone PCBA Motherboard.

You can use any cleaning liquid for this purpose, as CTC or any other choice.

Here is the solution for Nokia 220 speaker and ringer problem ways.

Nokia 220 Earpiece Speaker Solution

Tips for solving Nokia 220 Ear Speaker Repair Solution Problem:

Check the speaker assembly for possible damaged misaligned. Use a multimeter to check and replace if blown.

If the speaker is good, check and clean the contact areas of speaker terminals. Corrosion weakened and may loosen the connection.

Trace the + speaker and handsfree connection for each certain components that are connected.

Check and replace components filter capacitors and resistors.

If the above method does not solve the problem, the possible defective part is the main integrated circuit chip.

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