Nokia 225 Not Charging Problem Charge Ways Solution


Nokia 225 Not Charging Problem Charge Ways Solution Jumper

Today. Mobilerdx disseminate trick this time wanted a simple but very meaningful for novice mobile technicians. As for the issues that we will discuss in this article is how to repair the damage to the charging point on the Nokia225. before we see a picture we will convey little about the causes that lead to damage to the charging path. possible cause is the charging connector is damaged, disconnected lines, fuse cut off, and the IC is damaged. if you have problems like this then you may to try the trick from us.

Nokia 225 Charging Ways Problem Solution
Nokia 225 Charging Usb Jumper Ways Solution

The picture above is a schematic on how to fix the Nokia 200 not charging, charging not support charging or bad contact charging. steps must be taken:

Check the charging path
Check fuse
Check resistors and capacitors
Check ic

Tricks jumper
If the path of the charging connector to the fuse is lost then you can make a jumper.
If the fuses disconnected simply made jumper
If charging is not supported or bad contact charging please remove or replace the ic.

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