Samsung SCH-I535 Camera Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung SCH-I535 Camera Not Working Problem Ways Jumper Solution

The following lines you will get to know about Samsung I535 camera failed error bug along with all of its possible solutions.

Camera is not accessible.
“Warning: Camera Failed” error message whenever camera is accessed.
Reasons of Problems

Cache can also cause the similar problem.
Any third party app might be the reason of this problem, as sometimes a third party app interrupts the normal function of the camera.
Sometimes SD card is also the cause of the problem of this issue.

If you have broken any of the Nokia Lumia 610C camera connector legs prints I have marked all of their jumper ways I could find in the following diagram for you to study. Please be very carefully and only make those jumpers if you have broken prints if your camera connector is okay then change the Camera Module with a new one.

Hardware Solution:
Try Changing The Camera Module And Check Connections
Check His Camera Working Voltage At Pin 16-18-20 And 22
Check The Serial Data And His Camera At Pin 33 And 34
Rehot U1303

See The Picture Below:
samsung sch i535 camera ways solution jumper
Solution Created By d-Artigo

For blurred image clean your phone’s camera lens from inside.
If the camera lens is scratched or damaged then replace camera lens glass with a new one, but make sure to perform this procedure gently, as the glass is quite delicate in nature.
If you are encountering black screen issue then remove and fix rear camera and check.

Clean and re-solder your rear camera on-board connector and check.
If your camera still fails to perform then check with any other working camera.
Now the next thing that you need to do is to heat, remove and re-fix Camera IC and check. If it is still found to be faulty then replace it.
samsung sch-i535 camera Ic Jumper Ways

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