Nokia 206 Headphone Not Detected Solution


Nokia 206 Headphone Problem Solution Handsfree Jumper Ways

Many damage to the handsfree connector Nokia 206, you just change the plugin so that problems can be resolved handsfree, but many also caused damage to the connector on the hands-free path-breaking, below there is a path that you can try hands to fix the problems on the connector or handsfree handsfree can not function properly, first you could try replacing the plugin handsfree with a new plugin, if it does not work, check the handsfree path as shown below, may be helpful

Here are Nokia 206 headphone connector jumper ways. Please study these diagrams very carefully before you start repairing.

Nokia 206 Handsfree Headphone Problem Solution Ways

Problem Solved
Nokia 206 Headphone Problem Solved

This makes replacing the headphone jack really easy, all you have to do is take the older one out and put the new AV Jack and you are done. However if that isn’t working or your AV Jack connector is damaged somehow I have marked all of it’s jumper ways in this diagram.

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