Samsung C3530 Not Charging Ways Solution Jumper


Samsung GT-C3530 Charging Ways Jumper Problem Repair Solution

How to fix Samsung C3530 not charging, you may have often encountered problems similar to those we publish here, but different types of mobile phones, the lines are different also the location of components Ic and others.

In Samsung GT-C3530 mobile phone has two of them, namely Drive Charging USB charging, and charging a small, in between these two functions are charging each Ic / components, so basically no one path / driveway but two charging for mobile phone Samsung T989, so the occurrence of one will not pose a problem charging two charging Ways Line Charging a small problem, you can do the charging Via USB charging connector.

Samsung C3530 Charging Ways Ic Jumper Solution

When the charging function of the two problematic of all, you can fix it using the method / scheme above, it will be easier to fix it, please use the above so that you clearly know where and in which direction the path of Samsung C3530 is charging.

In Scheme that we present above already contained a complete charging lines, charging is a function of the sample path, in order to improve the entry point charging a break, by way of a jumper on the resistor.

Charging the drive, the drive is charging function works exactly like the diode and capacitor, if it is broken then charging Drive between Min and charging line plus+, short of entry ways charging when you test sure your tester needle full shot of all, such as your tester between GND to GND as he explained that, in order to improve the short drive to the charging Charging missing, please dispose / Remove Drive is charging.

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the latter, if one component that manages charging into the charging Ic is broken, whether it runs wet, please replace the appropriate components which we label the boxes with orange color at the bottom, check all components concerned with the charging , if there is a problem please use the components in the dressing other phones.

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