Nokia 206 Power Button Ways Solution Key Jumper


Here’s the solution for Nokia 206 Power ON and OFF Ways Switch when damaged. This solution shows the connection line paths of Nokia 206 power switch and can be used where to apply or mend a jumper wire when the power switch terminal solder pads is already lifted or damaged.

Just refer to the solution below and trace the power ON-OFF switch tracks.

Nokia 206 Power ON-OFF switch Jumper Ways

The first thing you need to test is there any water damage or dust.
if any thing just clean it with the help of IPA or any cleaning liquid.
If same problem then check the Track-ways of Nokia 206 power on/off switch. Marked in below image.
If any of the track is missing make a jumper with the help of jumper wire.
Nokia 206 Power Button Ways Solution Key Jumper

Just refer to the solution above and locate the highlighted components where the said power on off key is being connected.

If the Samsung Galaxy Trend S7362 On-Off key may not working, you can trace its connection line paths as shown on solution above. Just apply a jumper wire if the line tracks is open or cut.

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